College Sweetheart: Alonie Choice

Eye Candy of the Week: Alonie Choice
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 12, 2010

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Meet college cutie Alonie Choice. He’s a Sophomore at Rider university with a head for business and an eye for fashion.

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Alonie hails from Harlem, New York. A city kid, he’s got more street smarts than some of his friends in Lawrenceville, NJ. “When people hear that I’m from New York, they get scared. It’s really not that serious,” he says.

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He’s adjusting to his suburban surroundings, though. “I actually like being out there,” he says of Lawrenceville, NJ, “It’s nice and quiet.”

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Alonie’s a hard working man. The sophomore held down two jobs this summer so he could buy a car next year. “I want to return to campus with a car in September,” he says. Got to have goals, right?

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“I want to start my own clothing line,” Alonie tells us. “It would be hot to be like, ‘I made what you’re wearing right now.’” Judging from his sharp back to school look, we think he could be the fashion tastemaker on campus.

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Alonie breaks down his view of the girls on campus: “You’ve got some girls that you love, and some girls that you just can’t stand. There are some girls that make you want to slow down and there are times when you just want to have fun. I mean, that’s what college is about.”

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Alonie’s got a plan for post college — “I want to be able to support myself by the time I graduate from college,” he says. “Hopefully I’ll be engaged by 29 and get married by 30. Your early twenties are for having fun, but in the late twenties you start settling down.”

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