Closet Envy: Necole Bitchie

Closet Envy: Necole Bitchie
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 12, 2010

1 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“I wanted a glittery dress with shoulder pads and a hood, so I just typed that into Shopstyle and it came up with this dress. It’s one of my favorite shopping sites.”

2 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“I wish I knew what brand this was. I find the best jewelry just wandering in and out of stores or on amazing websites. But I never pay attention to the names.”

3 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“This leopard top is right on trend, but I actually don’t pay attention to trends. I don’t get into them because I find that you can get lost in them. I just focus on my personal style and wearing what defines me.”

(Silk Leopard print top, Kahrianne Kerr; Jeans, Levi’s; Boots, Steve by Steve Madden)

4 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“When it comes to fashion, my readers don’t care what season it is. They are not into fashion but they know a well put together outfit and they know what looks good.”

(Necklace, vintage)

5 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“I’m so not a label whore. I’m not that girl who has to have the highest end brand or whatever everyone else has.”

(Bracelet from

6 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“The right shoes and bags make anything look awesome!”

(Bag, Just Cavalli; Shoes, Steve by Steve Madden)

7 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“Sometimes fur can make you look like you are doing a lot, but I loved this because it seemed more subtle – and classier – than most.”

(Fur bolero, Adrienne Landou One; Romper, Sachika Twins; Shoes, Report Signature Clarkson Boot)

8 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

I’m a big accessories girl and I always have something on my wrists. It’s like a security blanket for me."

(Bracelets from

9 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“These booties hurt a lot in the ankle area, so I usually wear them with a thick pair of socks or over jeans.”

(Studded booties, Report Signature Clarkson Boot)

10 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“This is the most comfortable piece in my wardrobe. When I first put it on I felt like an inmate – especially since I wore them with combat boots. But pairing it with these heels really takes it to another level.”

(Jumpsuit, Grey Antics; Red patent pumps, Yves Saint Laurent; Necklace, Vintage)

11 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“My day wear and my nightwear are totally different. When you see me during the day I’m wearing combat boots and a cardigan. It’s so non-glam. But at night, when I have to go out around folks, I throw on the high pumps and transform into a girly-girl.”

12 of 12 Jennifer Cooper

“I could have gotten these in basic black, but I love what this red represents: the feisty side of me.”

(Red platform patent leather pumps, Yves Saint Laurent)


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