Classic Styles

Classic Styles
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

1 of 10 Paul Sunday

If you have relaxed hair, add a little Jane Carter Condition & Sculpt setting lotion and twist your hair in several two-strand twists from the hairline to the nape of the neck before taking a dip. Once you’re out of the water, let your hair air-dry before removing the twists.

2 of 10 Carlo Dalla Chiesa

Ponytails are instant glamorizers. The difference between the perfect ponytail and a “phony” tail is the texture and the color you select.

3 of 10 Matthew Jordan Smith

A layered bob allows more versatility in styling. Spritz Ellin LaVar Textures ThermaMist spray throughout the hair to protect it from the heat and add Ellin LaVar Textures InstantShine for a smooth finish.

4 of 10 Matthew Jordan Smith

Keep it simple and easy by razor cutting the crown and tapering the sides. Then wash and wrap the hair and apply Jane Carter Nourish & Shine on the sides and back for added shine.

5 of 10 Alex Beauchesne

Layered bangs were enhanced with a track for thickness and color. Use a ceramic flat iron to create this face framing finish.

6 of 10 Fabrice Trombert

Go for the gold with warm blond highlights that aren’t too brassy. This short bob works beautifully with Mizani Beyond-Conditioning Creme Permanent Haircolor in Lightest Warm Gold Blonde.

7 of 10 Adam Olszewski

Achieve this look with a large curling iron or by setting hair on large rollers. A bodifying conditioner, like L’Oreal Professional Volume Extreme Conditioner, will give more bounce.

8 of 10 Fabrice Trombert

Glamorous hair doesn’t have to be time-consuming—a long, basic bob can take you there. Wrap hair at night and undo it just before you’re ready to walk out the door. Style it with a rake comb or paddle brush. Use a large-barrel iron on a cool setting to create cute flips.

9 of 10 Fabrice Trombert

Dress up your bun with a pretty satin headband or vintage barrette.

10 of 10 Mark Mann

Give lengthy tresses shape with a blunt cut. Sharp bangs instantly add life to simply styled hair. Use i/m Beauty Nylon Paddle Brush and dab on Soft & Beautiful Moisturizing Complex to keep flyaways grounded for good.


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