Ciara and Baby Future's 20 Most Awww-Worthy Moments

In celebration of his first birthday, we decided to take a look back at Ciara and baby Future's most precious mommy-son moments. Be forewarned: Your heart WILL melt. 

Taylor Lewis Feb, 05, 2016

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We gotta put on our shades because Baby Future is just too bright.

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Mommy and son pause to watch Rio 2 en route to Paris. We didn't know they made such tiny headphones!

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It's a fact: There is nothing cuter than baby toes.

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Say cheese! Ciara and her toothless wonder flash their pearly white and, um, pearly gums. 

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Future is already a jet-setter. He and Ciara head off for a visit to England.

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The duo plays footsie while wearing matching Converse. Love!

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Success! Future (and Ciara) survives his first trip to the supermarket. He sure does look cozy in the cart.

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One word: Awwwwwwwwwww...

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We have a sneaking suspicion that Future was a very good boy this year.

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Where can we buy a pair of these pajamas??

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Baby's first swim lessons. We just can't take our eyes off of those chunky thighs.

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Lesson number one: Look fabulous wherever you go.

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"I'm the Godbaby."

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Sometimes you just need a good screaming sesh with your mom.

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In the aww heard 'round the world, Ciara released a video paying tribute to motherhood and her son.

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"Mooooom, I'm bored," whined Future as he and Ciara toured the Seinfeld set.

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Is this Ciara or Future? We can't tell!

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Ciara isn't Ciara without her little man on her hip!

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Ciara posted a touching Mother's Day tribute on Instagram, accompanied by this photo, overflowing with happiness.

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Ciara and Future strap on the their Mickey Mouse ears and prepare for a day of fun.