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Christina Milian and Violet
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 25, 2010

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Christina Milian was spotted arriving at the WTB Spring 2011 Fashion Show earlier this year. Looking fierce!

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No, this isn’t a doll-baby, it’s Christina Milian and The-Dream’s daughter, Violet. She posed for the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Carnival.

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Decked out in all black, Christina Milian looked well put together in Beverly Hills.

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This summer, Christina Milian showed off her post-baby body in this short number. She walked the red carpet of an exclusive Pre VMA party.

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Eva Longoria Parker and Christina Milian supported the Rally for Kids with Cancer this fall.

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Christina Milian makes motherhood so chic with cute baby Violet.

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Out shopping in L.A., new mommy Christina Milian enjoyed some fresh air with Violet.

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Christina Milian and her friend enjoyed a day out in Beverly Hills.

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Ready to party! Christina Milian took Violet to a friend’s bday party in Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills.

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Christina Milian has play time with Violet at a friend’s birthday party. Christina looks fabulous.

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Teaching Violet to give back early on, Christina Milian took Violet to the Rally For Kids With Cancer brunch.


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