The Christies

The Christies
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Celebrating their anniversary, the Christie’s embrace and renew their vows for the 10th time.

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Father and son Doug and six-year-old Doug, Jr., share a quiet moment.
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Marrying in style Doug and Jackie do it up big for their 12th wedding and anniversary this summer in Seattle.

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Doug and Jackie’s daughter Chantel, 14; Jackie’s mom Cora Taylor; Doug and Doug Jr., 6, attended the Christie’s 12th wedding and anniversary.

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The committed couple spend little time apart and often coordinate.

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After 12 years, the couple still behaves like honeymooners.

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Silence is golden at the Christie’s estate.

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Baring all to each other has helped Doug and Jackie Christie keep their love spicy.

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Doug and Jackie enjoy some quality time at home.

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Bringing the heat, The Christies keep their love hot and steamy while cooking in their Seattle home.


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