Chime Edwards Talks Dealing With Heat Damage in The Summer

Chime tells us how to deal with two different textures and heat damage in the warmer months.

Chime Edwards Jun, 04, 2014

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Wear a bun to hide your new growth that never seems to stay out of the limelight. I know buns can be a little boring but you can jazz it up by incorporating a floral headband or add braids throughout the bun for a boho chic look.

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Gel-based products will help your natural roots look smoother and better blended with your processed ends. And here's the best tip: Grab a hand held mirror and always check out how you hair's looking from behind. You may be able to pull off wearing your hair "out" but if it looks like a bird's nest you’ll need to rethink it. Trust me!

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Incorporating big floppy hats into your style is an easy way to cover your roots and create a playful look for the summer when transitioning. Beautifully patterned scarves and printed turbans can also be the cherry on top of your final your look.

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Creating an up 'do that hides your ends is a great cover-up. The Janelle Monae look is a chic style that has the ability to camouflage the two textures of hair.