Chef Ron Duprat's: Tasty Dishes

Chef Ron Duprat's: Tasty Dishes
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 29, 2010

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A Sushi grade ahi tuna with soba noodles and stir fry vegetables. "Sob noodles are very healthy and vegetables are good for you,” says Duprat.

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Marinated in Olive oil garnished with fresh peas. “It is so simply anybody can make this. All you have to do is buy a whole fish and season it,” shares Duprat.

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A spicy tomato soup with a vegetable sauce. Garnish with a fresh cilantro.

“Very healthy for everyone,” says Duprat.

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“This is lobster stuffed snapper with island rice, micro-greens and a tropical mango sauce,” says Duprat.

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Herb crusted sea bass with Latin hash steamed clam and a citrus butter.

“This is healthy because it is fresh fish, its not fried and you can not go wrong with that,” says Duprat.

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“Crab cake, my favorite. This is a jumbo lump crab and lobster cake with a tropical food sauce. “It is so different,” says Duprat.

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“Salmon as you see it very simply and sexy. You don’t need be a chef to make this, it is very simple. Grill the salmon with salt and pepper and fresh herbs,” says Duprat.


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