Charm School Yearbook

Charm School Yearbook
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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Don’t let her fuschia-and-blonde ponytail fool you because Saaphyri’s already putting Becky’s marketing tips to use to move on up in The �Wood. In five years, she’ll own two around-the-way hair salons, where she’ll stock her two best-selling products—Lipchap and Saaphyri’s Ultimate Hair, an exclusive line of hair weaves—that will fly off the shelves.

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In the end, Shay’s newfound conscience against plotting and scheming didn’t help her, but she deserves a double “F” for fashion forward. From the beret and polka dot ensemble she donned during a backyard dinner to her white pantsuit with black sequence top on the finale, the ATL native’s chic style never suffered because of her misguided alliances.

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When Buckwild walked into Charm School, we didn’t know which face—surburban yuppy or hood fabulous—she’d unleash. Luckily for Saaphyri, the real Becky prevailed and proved to be more of a friend than foe. Becky’s generosity during the clothes drive, and her continued sensitivity towards Saaphyri’s loss, made her a sister in every familial sense of the word.

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After a head-to-toe makeover, Leliene compared herself to Vivian Ward, Julia Roberts’s character in Pretty Woman. And like the film’s classic protagonist, we predict that the mother of three will ditch her glass-bottom heels and become a diligent student of refinement.

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Attitude is everything so if you’re not bringing the positive then expect the negative. We bet Ms. Larissa is the president of her local C.W.A (Chicks With An Attitude) Chapter, and expect that if she and Mo’ were to meet again on school grounds, she’ll be taking a few hard knock, life lessons on the benefits of charm.

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Schatar’s coy eye drama and provocative couture clothing were the tell-tale signs of a true playette. The mane attraction with the blinking peepers’ comical allure transcended the physical.


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