Celebs Who Owe Back Taxes

Gotta Pay Your Taxes
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 04, 2010

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Last year the dreaded Internal Revenue Service filed documents with the county recorder of Los Angeles, saying Tucker owes a whopping $11,571,909.26.

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Oh no, the IRS wants $842,645 in NJ, and $1.4 million to New York for taxes between 2006-2008 from Swizz.

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According to court records, the former Fugees frontman and Haiti presidential candidate owes $2.1 million to Uncle Sam.

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Adding more strain to her financial problems, the IRS recently filed a $396,000 lien against Toni and her former husband, Keri Lewis.

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The mega producer and ‘Celeb Apprentice’ contestant Lil Jon reportedly owes Uncle Sam $500,000 in taxes.

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The IRS recently filed a $2,276, 848 lien against the hip hop legend.

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According to public records, Nas has accumulated up to $6.46 million in back taxes. Oh boy.

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The former Destiny’s Child starlet reportedly owes the IRS $98, 000 in delinquent tax payments causing the IRS to file a lien against her in a New York court.

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The star of Cash Money records owes Uncle Sam a reported $1.13 million in taxes, according to Florida court records. It’s not the first time the IRS came after him. In 2008, the IRS filed a $977,840 against him in 2008.

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Uncle Sam wants $8.15 million in back taxes accumulated since the 90s. When the IRS tried to seize his home, Sinbad made us laugh when he filed for bankruptcy the very next day.

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The Velvet Teddy Bear didn’t have a chance to sing his way out of $200,000 in back taxes owed from 2003 to 2005.

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After waiting for a ruling since 2008 for owing $2.7 million in back taxes, Snipes recently caught three years of jail time. Damn, that seems excessive.

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Uncle Sam wanted $1.5 million from 2008
Trying to get money from an auction that could have been used to pay his IRS bill, Simpson got caught up with the law once again. SMH.

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There is no shame in Tyson’s game, after all his financial ups and downs Tyson went on record and said he is still “broke.” Uncle Sam still wants his $18 million though.

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Uncles Sam wants $227,000 from His Puple Highness, and $450,000 from his companies.

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In 2008 the IRS filed a $1.2 million
against Vick. Luckily he’s working his way back to paying it off.

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IRS Wanted Their: $2.5 million from 2007
Didn’t He Earn: $15.5 million over the years he didn’t pay his taxes?
Luckily Mr. JLo slid by jail time when his business associates were the
ones actually found guilty of the tax evasion.


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