Celebs in Trouble with the Law

Celebs in Trouble with the Law
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 29, 2010

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After getting into it with her next door neighbor — cursing and lifting her skirt to show her privates — Brown was charged with one count of criminal contempt, which is a Class E felony, for violating an order of protection. The order bars her from having contact with neighbor Arlene Raymond — who Faxy chucked her Blackberry at in 2007. Might be time to move, Foxy.

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DMX’s run-ins with the law are legendary — from serving time for weapons charges to charges for minor traffic stops and animal cruelty. He’s been arrested at least 10 times in Arizona, where he currently resides. Most recently, he was arrested for driving at 102mph in a 65mph zone.

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The Grammy Award-winning rapper and his wife were arrested for allegedly possessing methamphetamines and smoking marijuana in their car in West Hollywood. T.I. served 10 months in prison before being transported to a halfway house where he was later re-arrested after spending one day. It’s unclear why he’s back in federal custody.

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“Before I got to say his name, (the bodyguard) hit me in the mouth and I fell back,” Sariano told ABC News. The victim received stitches in his lip following the alleged attack by Drake’s peeps and is taking serious legal action against Drake to cover his medical bills. This may have been Drake’s first run in with the law, but the second this year for his bodyguard.

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While dining at Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills, Busta Rhymes and his entourage claimed a couple at the table next them “were sitting too close to their table.” When the woman, Devin Cooper, attempted to appease the rapper by moving her chair, a woman dining with Busta got upset and elevated the incident until Busta himself began yelling at Cooper, and allegedly threw a drinking glass at her, missing by only a matter of inches. Cooper says she was “afraid for her safety,” and is suing for assault and battery seeking $250,000 in damages. Whoo-ha!

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Platinum-selling artist Chester “Lyfe” Jennings is headed back to the slammer to serve a 3 1/2 year sentence. According to reports, the attacked his childrens’ mother, fired his gun into the air in front of her house, then took off and gave cops a high speed chase right out of the movies. He was eventually caught when he crashed his car. Jennings pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, fleeing and attempting to elude police, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and discharging a weapon near a street. What happened to practice what you preach?

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Former Spice Girls singer Melanie “Mel B” Brown is being sued by a man who claims she physically attacked him after mistaking him for a paparazzo. In December 2009, Amado Aguirre, a real estate broker, was taking pictures of a home for appraisal, when she, her husband and a member of her staff allegedly attacked him. He is suing for $1.5 million dollars for punitive damages, medical expenses, and lost earnings.

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Kid Cudi was arrested in NYC for felony criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance, which was later revealed to be cocaine. At the time of the arrest, a witness said Cudi took a woman’s phone and smashed it to pieces, after allegedly breaking the door of her apartment off its hinges. While the charges are rumored to be thrown out, this incident comes a few months after the emo rapper punched a fan in the face… Stop being so emotional, Kid.

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Grammy-winning singer Faith Evans was busted on drunken driving charges in Los Angeles when she was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint exhibiting signs of intoxication. The widow of the rapper Notorious B.I.G was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor DUI and released soon after. The Los Angeles City Attorney will get the case and make a decision about formal charges, until then we’ll keep the faith…

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Lil’ Wayne was taken away to Rikers Island for a maximum one year sentence for carrying a loaded, .40-caliber semiautomatic on his tour bus. He was also arrested for drug charges in January of 2008. Now a free man, Wayne is back to doing what he loves best…making music, and staying out of trouble.

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The “Law and Order” actor was arrested by the actual real NYPD for driving with expired auto insurance, after being pulled over by cops for not wearing his seatbelt. When cops stopped Ice-T’s Cadillac, they learned that his insurance had lapsed, and the former rapper asked, “Why are you guys stopping me for bulls—t?” The arrest made headlines, and in matter of 30 minutes Ice T was released. Minutes after that he was gangsta tweeting about the incident.

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