Celebs Have Crushes Too: See Which Stars Are Crushing On Who

Straight Outta Compton's O'Shea Jackson took to Instagram and declared Rihanna was his #WCW—and he isn't the only star to fess up to having a celeb crush. See who hearts who.

Imani Brammer Sep, 02, 2015

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Ice Cube's son has a sleeve full of jokes! He made this hilarious meme and captioned it, "It's only cool if you post it tho @badgalriri #UnquechableThiiiiirst." Don't worry O'Shea, we're not judging you. 

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Just look at those eyes! Little Ms. Palmer is not  hesitant to bat those lashes! Keke captioned this image, "Did I have a crush or nah? #throwback"

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Rihanna made it pretty clear on Instagram that she has a thing for this gorgeous football player, Mychal Kendricks. The singer posted his photo with the caption, “Is it Monday? Cuz chhh…. #MCM.”

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Kendricks returned the flirtation when he posted a stunning photo of Rihanna on his Instagram. He captioned, "100k Wednesday, I think it needs to be said #WCW @badgalriri"-- but it doesn't stop there. In an interview with E! News, Kendricks said, "I heard she has a crazy aura and people's energy are just drawn to her and she has the ability to attract other people's energy...We had just lost the day before. We were out of the playoffs and it was really sad around the facility because we were doing so good and we showed lots of promise and then we lost. [Then] this Rihanna post happened to me and I was not sad and mad and upset or however they were feeling. I was the complete opposite." 

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Lil Mama shows no shame in her man crushes! She took to Instagram this week and captioned the photo, "#mce."

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Jada Pinkett Smith had a major crush on Prince back in the day. "My first crush was Prince—and he’s still my crush," she said. "I can’t get over him!"

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Ne-Yo once confessed his love for Trini gal Nicki Minaj, saying: "I’m a huge fan of Nicki Minaj, her rap ability as well as what she looks like. Have you seen 'Anaconda'? Lawd have mercy." 

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"My first #mcm is the irresistible @CoreyHawkins who plays Dr. Dre in #straightouttacompton," Lupita took to Instagram and said. "This is us laying back after a day's work on the movie #NonStop. So proud of you, blood. #startedfromtheSKYnowwehere. #goseehimnownowintheaters." They are too cute! 

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When asked if she has a celebrity crush, Henson once said,"Yeah, Serge Ibaka, but he’s too young, child. I like to look at him. If he had an older twin brother, that would be great. He looks like an African king. Beautiful." 


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