Celebrity TwitPics

Celebrity TwitPics
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 20, 2010

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Ocho Cinco gave his followers some morning sexy with this bathroom pic.

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Amber tweeted this photo of Madonna playfully copping a feel while Kanye looks on.

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Hollywood party girl Meagan celebrating good times with a friend.

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Selita and Miss J. strike a pose.

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What we’d do to be sipping some morning joe with Lenny Kravitz.

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What kicks does a superstar wear when traveling? Alicia Keys asks her followers to help her choose.

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“So glad I got to do the Wendy Williams Show. I love her,” tweeted Monica.

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Chocolate lover Tyrese shows off his bedroom eyes with this “Ladies Only” Twitpic.

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Chanel Iman rocks out while playing a carnival game at the Coachella music festival while wearing stilettos. We have one thing to say…you better work!

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Oprah tweeted this photo of a staffer getting up close and personal with Maxwell. Lucky girl.

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Nene twitpic’d a photo with Orange County “Housewives” star Getchen Rossi. “Now I c y all the b** b mad @ her! Hot 2 trot,” tweeted Nene.

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Lisa Raye Twitpic’d a photo of herself living la vida glam on Rodeo Drive.

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Letoya Luckett puts on her Minnie Mouse ears while visiting Disneyland.

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Usher takes a pic backstage with the cast of “American Idol.” We hope his success rubs off on our favorite AI contestants.

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usher takes a pic of a Japanesse fan

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chanel iman’s first time jetskiing

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letoya luckette on her birthday night

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Playing with puppies while surfing? Only Mariah could get away with it.

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alicia keys the day before her Madison Square Garden show, feeling electric.

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Lenny Kravitz, who starred in “Precious,” posese with a flyer of the film.

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It’s raining men, hallelujah. Lenny Kravitz posted a photo of himself with our favorite Black men in Hollywood.

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“Happy family at the end of the day” tweeted Kimora after sharing this sweet family photo with her followers.

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Say cheese! Selita and her “besties” Serena Williams backstage at an event.

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Lala recently twitpic’d a backstage photo with her boo Carmelo Anthony.

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Serena Williams, tennis pro and newly graduated nail tech, shows off her pedicure skills.

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An adorable Twitpic of Terrell and his daughter. “The only time I’m carrying a girl’s purse,” he tweeted.

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The ever bubbly Jordin Sparks tweeted this sprightly photo after a performance.

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Uptown girl and certified tomboy Teyana showed followers her first purse, and it was Gucci. Not bad young’un.

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Diddy recently tweeted a pic of the Mona Lisa while on vacay in Paris.

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Trina and Diddy get hot and bothered for the cameras while shooting her latest video “Million Dollar Girl.”

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The ever stylish Solange with a friend.

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Kelly shares an intimate Twitpic after a show in Perth, Australia.

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Eve tweeted a backstage photo of herself, Sean Paul and friends after a show in Melbourne, Australia.

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Estelle showed off this photo of herself with New York City power brokers stylist June Ambrose and publicist Marvet Britto.

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“I put Dad’s b-day on the jumbo-tron,” tweeted Keri. “As if he weren’t already the happiest man in the stadium.”

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Letoya tweeted: “Me & my love Kayla Sweet at the Dell’s Children’s hospital N Austin. She is a cancer survivor! My hero.”