Celebrity Travel Style Inspiration

Celebrity Travel Style Inspiration
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 14, 2010

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For some celebs traveling doesn’t always call for sweats and hoodies. TV personality Star Jones sits pretty with her luxe Louis Vuitton luggage and equally fashionable leather and denim look.

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While celeb jet-setters like Star would rather not touch down without their Louis luggage, we’ll take it as inspiration for our own fab recession-proof travel gear. Keep clicking for our luxe for less alternative.

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The sleek details of Diane von Furstenberg’s “Diva Collection” make strutting down the runway (we mean jetway) that much more haute. Find it at macy’s.com

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Zoe’s understated look is travel gear we can all relate to, especially the long cardigan and scarf to keep warm on a chilly plane. Her cute-as-button ballet flats are just what a girl needs to trek across a crowded airport.

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These super cozy Lanvin flats come with an elastic throat and adjustable ankle strap. They’re classic and chic, and a worthy investment if you’ve got the budget. Check out our equally worthy take on foxy flats.

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With new security measures being implemented, you can expect an even longer wait at the airport. Slip on these cuties for some extra sweet comfort and style while you wait. Find them at zappos.com

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Add a duffle bag to your 2010 must-have list for overnight trips or long-weekend getaways. Usher keeps it upscale with his uber-pricey Bottega Veneta bag.

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This posh duffle bag—in signature Bottega Veneta woven leather—comes with a detachable strap and an interior zip pocket. Click on for an urban take on the weekend duffle bag.

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Remember your duffle bag should be flexible enough to fit in the overhead compartment. This soft and durable duffle is inspired by the diamond-quilted interiors of Bentley Mulliner luxury cars. Find it at n4e1.com

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By now Janet has got the international travel routine down to a tee and knows that easy, breathable materials that won’t wrinkle are best for long hours on a plane. Here she pairs an asymmetric cardigan with jersey harem pants and layered tees.

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If we could we’d all choose cashmere over acrylic to handle that often inexplicable airplane chill. The best part about this sheer cardi is that it can be worn an infinite number of ways. We’ve found another way to keep warm. Click on to find out.

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This cerulean cotton cardigan is equally inventive and twists in an infinite number of ways for your added comfort. We call it shabby chic and perfect for a budget getaway. Find it at allsaints.com

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Ah, fashion magazines. If you’re like us you stock up on your mags before boarding the plane. Here Rihanna adds star power to the equation with her dramatic oversized shades.

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Lets face it, traveling can reek havoc on the skin and you’re probably not exactly camera-ready when you step off the plane. And since celebs are in the imgage business these trendy oversized shades make a bold statement.

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We’re taking a page from celebs and making our own statement as we make our way through the airport. You know what we’re really hiding behind those frames. Find them at tilly’s.com

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We’re taking a page from Halle and remembering that despite all the heavy-duty luggage, a girl never sacrifices style, nor does she leave her handbag behind. Here Halle keeps it glam with a trendy satchel.

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We imagine Halle kept her family’s passport and the like in her Lady Dior satchel.

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Take a page from Halle’s stylish travel tote by getting your hands on this super affordable and spacious handbag. It’s always best to keep important documents like a passport near you at all times, and we know you’re not letting your handbag out of your sight any time soon. Find it at aldo.com