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Celebrity Teachers
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 02, 2010

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Instructor: Venus Williams, 
W F 5:00 pm, 1 credit

Venus Williams is easily one of the top tennis players of this generation. This course will emphasize the importance of physical activity, nutrition, stress and weight management, and health-related fitness components. Develop and participate in a personalized physical activity program.

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Instructor: Toni Braxton,
 T W 8:30 am, 3 credits

Toni Braxton’s $2.6 million Nevada home, purchased in 2007, is in foreclosure for $1.15 million, leaving Braxton in a financial mess. Because this is the second time Toni has financially mismanaged her real estate, (she faced foreclosure on a Century City condo back in 2009) you will learn in this course what “not to do” in management of assets and liabilities, and gain insight on the proper structure and functioning of payment systems.

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Instructor: Tank,
 S 11:15 am, 3 credits

R&B singer Tank is known for his music, but few know that Spanish also happens to be his first language.  After being forced by his mother, a teacher, to use Spanish in his home the Milwaukee, Wisconsin native now speaks the language fluently. Take an introductory course on the Spanish language, stressing progressive acquisition of effective communication skills in both the written and spoken language.

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Instructor: Kanye West,
 T R 7:15 pm, 2 credits

Kanye West, once an anti-Twitter celeb, joined the Twitterverse in late July of last year and in one day reached 16,000 followers.  Thirty-five days later, West has accumulated just short of a million followers tweeting about his music, fashion, and Justin Bieber. This course emphasizes how to make social networking platforms work for you, and changing public perception through technology.

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Instructor: Fantasia Barrino,
 T R 8:00 pm, 3 credits

Fantasia isn’t hesitant at all to discuss her trials and tribulations. From her VH1 Behind the Music show to her appearance on Good Morning America, Fantasia has put her life story out there without shame. After attempting suicide and living to tell the story, her reflecting on the experience is causing a change in her behavior and outlook. This course offers an introduction to the various learning mechanisms that influence the establishment, maintenance, and/or reduction of behaviors. Links processes and theories of classical and operant conditioning to everyday behaviors.

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Instructor: Nicki Minaj
, T W 3:30 pm
 2 credits

Without one album, Nicki Minaj has taken the hip-hop industry by storm. On BET’s “My Mic Sounds Nice,” a documentary of women rappers in hip-hop, Nicki Minaj was discussed being the only relevant female emcee currently in the game. This course is an examination of gender as depicted in popular culture texts. Focusing on music will critique depictions of gender; popular culture’s role in shaping gender identity.

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Instructor: Kelly Rowland,
 F 12:30 pm 2 credits

When don’t we see Kelly Rowland? Since the spring the former Destiny’s Child singer has been out and about, and on every blog and website for um, well just being Kelly. An introduction to the history, role, and functions of public relations, including methods for effective communication with diverse organizational public, including the mass media.

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Instructor: Trey Songz,
 W 4:00 pm, 2 credits

For Trey Songz, sex really sells. Since his third album “Ready,” Trey has put out hit after hit while oozing sex.  As his videos sometimes are described as soft porn, they continue to get downloaded and watched. Trey understands the human response to sex.  The course will provide an examination of the biological, personal, interpersonal and social aspects of human sexual behavior. Topics include: sex and gender, sex and love, sexual behavior over the life span, and social problems/issues related to sexual behavior.

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Instructor: Beyonce Knowles, 
M W F 6:30 PM, 2 credits

No question, singer, fashion designer, actress, mogul — Beyonce is a brand. In a matter of seven years, Beyonce has created an international empire, and has consistently found herself on Forbes Richest Women Lists. This course will explore challenges women face transforming an idea into a business. Emphasizes developing business concepts/strategy, marshalling resources, balancing family and career, and creating strategic plans for growth.

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Instructor: Lil Kim, 
M T W 8:30 am, 4 credits

Lil Kim, along with her cousin Katrice, recently announced not only do they plan to expand the North Carolina salon, Salon Se Swa, but Kimberly Jones will become the face of the salon and co-owner as well.  Not sure how much Kim knows about putting in a perm but she has hair experience, and plans to build a nationwide chain. Learn the aspects of owning and operating a salon, preparation for professional ethics with specific emphasis toward the proper attitude for salon employment, establishing good public relations with patrons, and salon expansion.


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