Celebrity Moms In The Limelight

Celebrity Moms In The Limelight
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 16, 2011

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Designer, momma, and stylist, Tina Knowles, forges her own way with daughters Solange and Beyonce in tow. Its clear she passed down her love of fashion and all things glam to her daughters.

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The First Grandmother of the White House, Marion Robinson, keeps a close watch on Sasha and Malia. Not to mention First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama!

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Momma don’t take no mess! Evelyn Braxton (in blue) is always the clamp down on some of her girls on ‘Braxton Family Values.’

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Kandi’s mom, Joyce Jones, often makes an appearance on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The two are extremely close and can often seen together discussing the most intimate details.

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Ever the perfect couple, you can always find Diddy’s mom, Janice Combs right be his side.

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Probably the ultimate TV mom, Kris Jenner is responsible for managing the entire Kardashian clan!

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Ashanti’s mom and manager, Tina Douglas was always seen joined at the hip with her daughter Ashanti.

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Once manager and mom, Jonetta Patton managed Usher’s career at an early age, and continues to help him raise his boys.

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Gibourey Sidibe’s mom, Alice Tan Ridley is a talented singer who was featured in the 5th season of “American’s Got Talent.” We see where Gabby gets her talent from.

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Katherine Jackson, mother to the Jackson clan, can always be seen standing close to her family.

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The mother of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur was in the spotlight after trying to track down the person who tragically murdered her son.

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Mother to fallen rapper Biggie, Voletta Wallace is always remembered alongside her son.

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Sonja Norwood is responsible for managing the both her daughter Brandy, and son Ray-J for a while. We got a glimpse of how she runs the family ship on their reality show, “Brandy & Ray-J: A Family Business.”

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A former model herself, Valerie Campbell has supported Naomi Campbell’s career since the beginning.

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We loved watching Frankie on Keyshia Cole’s reality show, “The Way It Is.”

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Before Lenny Kravitz there was Roxie Roker. The enigmatic star played “Helen Willis” on the 1970s sitcom, “The Jeffersons,” before she died at the age of 66 from breast cancer.

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Once manager and mom, Jonetta Patton managed Usher’s career at an early age, and continues to help him raise his boys.

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Jim Jones mother, Nancy Jones, has stirred up plenty of controversy on “Love and Hip Hop,” but needless to say, she and Jim are attached at the hip!