Celebrity Moms and Kids: Monica

Celebrity Moms And Kids: Monica
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 26, 2011

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Monica recently tweeted photos of her and son Rocko getting into the Easter spirit.

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“My babies have the eye! Rocko & Romelo both found Golden Eggs…” she tweeted.

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With stepdad Shannon Brown playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s always game time at the Brown household.

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The singer’s beautiful sons say goodbye to mommy who is all dressed up and ready to go to an event.

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One of the benefits of having a famous mom is getting to hang out with celebs. We’re sure Rocko and Romelo were happy to hang out with Justin Bieber.

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“I know that I have two young sons that are watching me on a daily basis," Monica told the Los Angeles Times. "They will have to be able to look to me and be able to feel good about the person that raised them.”

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Rocko and Romelo at the movies with mommy.

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Monica recently took her two favorite little people on a trip to Disneyland.

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The happy threesome have some fun on their Disneyland trip. “Lil Rocko hates this ride…” tweeted Monica.

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“I’ve never felt the kind of love that I felt after having my children,” Monica told NPR. “But my two sons; Rocko, Romello, I experienced it. And it’s scary, but it feels real, real good.”

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Another adorable photo of the happy mom and her beautiful sons.

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Rocko and Romelo enjoy a special visit with Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

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“It’s scary that you can love someone more than you love yourself or love them so much that you’ll sacrifice anything that you can for them,” Monica said of her children.

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Monica tweeted a photo of herself and son Rocko, then two weeks old. “Wow amazing he’s about to be 6 soon,” she wrote.