Celebrity Moms And Kids: Christina Milian

Celebrity Moms And Kids: Christina Milian
ESSENCE.COM May, 02, 2011

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Baby Violet latches on to her stylish mom at a charity event in Miami.

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Christina keeps it sexy while strolling with Violet on the beach in Miami.

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There’s hardly anywhere that Christina goes without baby Violet in tow. Here the two attend the the 2011 Jenesse Silver Rose Auction and Gala.

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Christina recently tweeted this photo of herself and baby Violet with Americas Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez.

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“Being a mom is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Christina told Latina Magazine.

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Mom and daughter look radiant in red for the holidays.

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Christina takes Violet to see kiddie show “Yo Gabba Gabba” live.

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It’s clear mom and daughter both love fashion. Love how Violet is color coordinated in yellow.

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No, this isn’t a doll-baby, it’s baby Violet posing for the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Carnival.

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Teaching Violet to give back early on, Christina took her daughter to the Rally For Kids With Cancer brunch. “There’s a certain responsibility that I carry being a mom that makes me feel very confident and so blessed,” she said.

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Out shopping in L.A., Christina and Violet enjoyed some fresh air.

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Mom and daughter grab some ice cream. Love Violet’s fashionable straw hat.

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Ready to party! Christina takes Violet to a friend’s birthday party in Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills.

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Christina and Violet enjoy some playtime at a friend’s birthday party.