Celebrity Beauty: Celebs Without Makeup

The life of a celeb is filled with red carpet appearances, award shows and photo shoots galore, but everyone needs a break from it all, even if just for a day. For these A-listers, that day off means going without their coveted glam squad and — gasp! — stepping out sans makeup. It's good to know that beneath the paint, these lovely ladies look just like us (insert sigh of relief here).
Nicole Marie Melton Aug, 07, 2012

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Gabrielle Union bared it all at the Miami Heat 2012 NBA Championship Celebration when she arrived in bare, dewy skin and a bright smile.

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With her Pocahontas braids and makeup-free face, Tyra Banks has the casual chic thing down to a science.

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Rihanna was snapped by the paparazzi as she was leaving her hotel in casual sweats and a bare face.

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Keke Palmer attended the 5th Annual Britticares “Smile For Life” 5K Run/Walk wearing a touch of blush and lip balm — and she looked fresh, young and pretty.

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Zoe Kravitz has a freshly-scrubbed appeal that shines through even without a trace of makeup.

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Vanessa Williams flaunted her clear skin and bright smile framed by mounds of shiny ringlets.

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Beyoncé hit the town sans her Sasha Fierce persona, donning only a coat of clear lip gloss.

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Ciara was spotted having lunch with friends in a no-makeup look perfect for a relaxing day off.

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Supermodel and desiner Liya Kebede doesn’t need a stitch of makeup on her supernaturally flawless skin.

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Jada Pinkett Smith accents her near-flawless skin with full, shapely brows and a touch of sheer lip tint.

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Brandy left the Dancing With the Stars studio looking more radiant than ever with a freshly scrubbed face.


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