Celebrities React to Ruby Dee's Passing

Spike Lee, Tia Mowry, Lance Gross, and more celebrate the trailblazing actress and civil rights activist, Ruby Dee.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 12, 2014

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"People, I just found out the loss of spiritual mother, the late, great Ruby Dee. I'm crushed by this bad news and I know ruby has already been embraced in a warm loving hug from her life partner of 57 years —Mr. Ossie Davis. It has been one of my great blessings in life to work with two of the finest artists and activists -Ruby and Ossie were in the battlefields a with Paul Robeson, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther king. Ruby and Ossie served as a living example that one could be an artist and a activist too, that one could be an artist and still deal with what it means to be a black woman and a black man in these United States. God bless you Ruby Dee. God bless you Ossie Davis. The both of you told us ‘to always do the right thing,’" posted the Do The Right Thing director.

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"RIP #rubydee thank you for paving they way for us #beauty #talent #grace xo," posted Garcelle.

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Gross put it simply, "Ossie's been waiting on you."

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"'The greatest gift is not being afraid to question.' -Ruby Dee Thank you for being absolutely stunning in every way. #Ossie&RubyDeetogetheragain," posted our May cover girl.

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"You blessed us all. Rest In Peace Ruby Dee. You and Ossie can continue your journey together...#fiercedetermination #actingpowerhouse #legend #otherhalfoficoniccouple #puretalent #missed," posted the Soul Food star.

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"RIP beauty soul! #rubydee," posted Mowry.

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"I'm sure this is happening in heaven right now...only she's smiling #lovers #soulmates #icons," posted Nash.

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King and Queen in heaven together again..... Rest in heaven Ruby Dee!!! You've done well by inspiring our world...

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"Heaven has gained another icon. My kids: Mom who was Ruby Dee? An actress? Me: She was so much more. You know... there was a time when actresses cared about more than their careers, how much money they made, having over the top lavish weddings, how many followers they had.... They cared about social justice, the human condition. They thought outside of themselves They had vision. Compassion. Conviction. They used their platforms for the greater good of others... Never to tear away at another's character. This was the essence of the inimitable Ms Ruby Dee. A glamorous movie star to be sure during an era of deep rooted discrimination ...but she was soooo much more," posted Peete.

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"Rest In peace to the beautiful actress/activist Ruby Dee," posted Cox.

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RIP Ruby Dee. Your work has inspired so many. May you rest in peace.

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"Ruby Dee, a legendary actress, artist, and activist has passed. I knew her and admired her greatly. A jewel of a women," said Rev. Sharpton.