Celebrities for Obama

Celebrities for Obama
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 04, 2008

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Diddy shuts it down for the Obama- supporting crowd at the Last Chance for Change Rally on November 3 in Philadelphia.

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Vote or Die!, the infamous voting campaign made popular by hip-hop mogul Diddy, made a comeback this election season to rally youth and college students to make a difference by voting.

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Mary J. Blige, the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul,” belted out a few tunes for the crowd in Philadelphia during the Last Chance for Change Rally.

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Executive Vice President of Warner Music Group Kevin Liles petitioned the crowd to vote and let their voice be heard.

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Rapper Jay-Z showed his patriotism at the Last Chance for Change Rally.

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A proud supporter of Barack Obama, Jay-Z gave an inspiring performance.

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Hip-hop’s major players came together to push for change.

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Jesse Jackson, Jr., the son of former presidential candidate Jesse Jackson, spoke at the Florida Memorial University on November 2.

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Russell Simmons speaks onstage at the Last Chance for Change Rally in support of Barack Obama in Philadelphia.

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Beyoncé looks rally-ready sporting a bejeweled cap with Obama’s renowned catch phrase, “Change,” in Philadelphia.

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Beyoncé was on hand to show her support.

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Rapper and fashionista Eve offered her support for the ‘Respect My Vote!’ Get Out the Vote Bus Tour stop in Philly in October.

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A true fashionista makes a political statement any way she sees fit. Eve shows off her Barack Obama-designed finger nail.

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Chart-topper Mary J. Blige, right. shares the importance of voting along with actor Leonardo Di Caprio, left, and entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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Rapper T.I. lends his support for ‘Respect My Vote!’ Get Out the Vote event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Atlanta native was proud to cast his vote with early voting.

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Hot 97 New York radio personality Funkmaster Flex encourages his listeners to get out the vote. He attended the ‘Respect My Vote!’ event in Philly, to help galvanize other voters.

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Diddy takes questions from reporters at his Citizens Change event. His “Vote or Die” campaign quickly caught on during the 2004 election.

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Diddy makes an appearance after casting his vote for president.

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Soul singer Keyshia Cole makes her way inside the star-studded ‘Respect My Vote!’ Get Out the Vote Bus Tour in Philadelphia.

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Hip Hop Summit President Dr. Benjamin Chavis joins the festivities at the ‘Respect My Vote!’ event.