Celebrities Brace for Hurricane Irene

Celebrities Brace for Hurricane Irene
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2011

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“Ok. It’s official. I’m scared. I’m in NYC. Oh boy….. #HurricaneIrine :(”

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“What’s the status on the storm, everybody good? Any word from my people down in NC, SC and VA? #prayersup”

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“Well I’ve got the family all packed up. We have evacuated our building as instructed. Checking in hotel now.”

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“Bleak news flash: Hurricane Irene is keeping me from seeing the French lambily : ( LYM & hope to see u soon!”

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“Just landed in NY, rushed home to protect my family. #realman ish”

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“Be safe out there! Don’t take chances with Irene!”

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“Anyone else remember Floyd in 99. Was huge. Philly got pounded w flood water. #Irene2011 taking same path but moving slower. Not good.”

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“Man! All this Irene madness totally caught me off guard.”

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“If you’re in North Carolina and need to get some info out let me know .. My followers will help .. We care.”

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“Boarding up windows… Kids anxious #PeetefamilyNYvacation #irene”

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“Hello Everyone ! Enjoy your Saturday! 2 my East coast followers/ fans, my thoughts & prayers are with u all as we brace for Irene. Be safe”


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