30 Celebs And Their Adorable Furry Friends

Brooks Kraft

We're celebrating National Pet Day with a round up the cutest, cuddliest pets out there—oh, and their celebrity owners! 

Yolanda Sangweni Jul, 18, 2016

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50 Cent's dog has its own Twitter page! To find Oprah Winfree, the dog, just tweet @OprahTheDog

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Usher and his pup Scarlett are proof that dogs and their owners start to look alike after a while. 

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Wiz and his dog, Vincent, couldn't be more cozy if they tried.

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Between her new twins and her doggy Mugsy, Zoe might have the cutest home in Hollywood.

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Word in the dog park is that The Rock makes his pooches work out with him! 

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We have a feeling that Sherri Shepherd's Cane Corso Lexi thinks that she's a lot smaller than she actually is!

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Shemar frequently shares photos of himself at home hanging out with his English bulldogs Shug and Moe.

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The Disney star has been a proud mama to her giant Schnauzer, Midnight, for years.

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Rapper Big Boi so loves dogs he even operates a pitbull kennel where he breeds Blue Nose American pitbulls.

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Taye named his Yorkie after Sammy Davis Jr.

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Ryan Pierse

The tennis superstar will be celebrating her b-day on June 17.

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Keyshia snuggles up with the family pooch Lola Mae. She wrote, "Lola like Bish you Bored GetOffMe lmao"

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Jennifer Hudson posted a photo with the caption reading, “Oh I got a hot date tonight ! He so fresh !” with her cute dog in the back.

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