Celeb Moms: Kimora Lee Simmons and Her Kids

Celeb Moms: Kimora Lee Simmons and Her Kids
ESSENCE.COM May, 25, 2011

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Kimora constantly applauds hubby Djimon Hounsou for being the ultimate family man. She’s said that one of the things she loves most about him is how much he loves and supports their son and how wonderfully he has connected with her daughters.

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All Kimora’s hard work is rewarded by the smiles on her kid’s faces. “We bring home the bacon, and then we enjoy it with our kids. They need us and we need them,” the model mom said in a recent interview.

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Kimora makes sure her daughters spend time with their dad, first husband Russell Simmons, but her focus is on making sure they all stick together.

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Even when enjoying a little quality time together, Kimora and her girls never miss a family photo opp.

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Kimora and hubby Djimon enjoy parenting. When asked how he helps out with Kenzo in a recent interview Kimora said: “He’s so hands-on. He holds the baby, and he flicks the doodies. You wouldn’t think a guy would be so hands-on, so supportive, so strong yet gentle.”

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Not one to ever get caught making a fashion misstep, Kimora keeps her daughters close by her side, and styled in the latest looks for kids.

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Kimora cherishes everything about motherhood. In an interview she once proudly proclaimed: “The most fulfilling thing in my life is to be a parent and a mother…That’s what I was made to do.”

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Doting mom Kimora is always showing her girls some love. Aoki and Ming stick by their mom’s side when traveling, and the three are often spotted holding hands.

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KLS has always put her family first. To be sure she and daughters Aoki Lee and Ming Lee get in some quality time she cast them as the faces of Baby Phat Girlz Clothing.

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If she’s not calling the shots around the runway, Kimora enjoys as much fun in the sun as possible with her family.

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Kimora has mastered the art of multitasking while spending time with her family. She once admitted in an interview that she’s “not Hollywood perfect”.

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How does she do it all? Kimora recently said: “I’m a great multi-tasker so I can focus on a lot of things at once. I try to prioritize and I put my family first. I also have a great team and a very supportive husband.”

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Kimora spends a lot of time in the air, and she has said her children are her favorite travel buddies.

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Kimora doesn’t miss a moment when it comes to supporting her kids. Whether they’re trick or treating or trying out a new amusement park ride, she keeps her girls happy.

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Former model Kimora would much rather be photographed with her family than snapped while strutting down a catwalk.

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It looks like spending all that time with mom is wearing off. Clearly Aoki Lee and Ming Lee are full-on divas in the making.

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Busy bee Kimora knows when to break and just be a mom. Here she steals a quiet moment with her baby boy Kenzo.