Celeb Moms: Jada Pinkett Smith and Her Kids

Jada Pinkett Smith and Her Children
ESSENCE.COM May, 17, 2011

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Jada, Jaden, and Willow always turn heads when they are out together. Their eclectic and expressive style is truly unique.

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Jada and Jaden stand alongside First Lady Michelle Obama to cheer on Willow during her performance at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Notice mom holding up a “W” for her daughter. Awwww!

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Like most good mothers, Jada has made sacrifices for her kids. She recently admitted to putting her own career on hold to help her children achieve their dreams.

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On her family structure, Jada said in a recent interview: “You have a mother. You have a father. Father is protective. Mother is the teacher.” She describes her family as just “regular.”

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Willow is lucky that she gets to fly around the world with her fabulous mom. Here, the 10-year-old attends Milan Fashion Week with mom and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

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“[Willow] is simply being creative. I’m not worried about her growing up too soon,” said Jada of her superstar daughter, Willow.

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Willow’s budding career as a singer has been with the help of her mom and manager Jada. “It’s interesting when you put your children out in front of the world. You just hope and pray that people will appreciate them as much as you do,” Jada said in a recent interview.

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Jada and Willow leave a photo shoot together in Paris. Willow has become a trendsetter just like her fashionable mom.

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Jada approved when Willow wanted to wear a half-shaven hairstyle, but people accused her look of being “too grown.” Willow’s stylist spoke out saying, “If your child is a forward-thinker, you should guide her instead of smothering her.”

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Willow clearly takes her fashion cues from her chic mom, sporting animal print that matches Jada’s handbag. Cute!

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Jada says parenting is also about nurturing your children’s dreams.

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“I tell them, ‘Every time you go out into the world, you are leaving an impression of yourself and this family with other people. What impression do you want to leave?’” Jada said in an interview.

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Jada says she always encourages Willow to focus on her own personal strength. “As long as you compete with you and stay on the track that you want to be on, you’re going to be okay,” she adds.

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Jada and Willow attend ‘The Karate Kid’ premiere in Madrid, Spain. Jaden played the lead role in the film and the family showed their support around the world.

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“Staying out of kids’ space can teach them to be responsible for their own decisions and mistakes,” Jada told Cookie Magazine. “We have to give them some freedom to be who they are.”

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Jada takes her role as a mom seriously and always wants what’s best for her kids.

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Jada walks the red carpet hand in hand with a young Willow Smith.