Celeb Instagram Moments We Double-Tapped This Week

Ciara and Futuer Zahir take a stroll on the beach, Lee Daniels rifles through old baby pics, K. Michelle discovers the real meaning of puppy love, Niecy Nash ventures to dizzying heights and more in this week's hottest celeb Instagram pics.

Taylor Lewis Nov, 06, 2015

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If only we could "like" this picture more than once.

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Take as long as you need to soak in the cuteness of this picture. We'll wait.

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Run, Alicia, run! 

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We don't mean to alarm you, Taraji, but there is a Jussie lurking behind you.

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K. Michelle is up to her knees in puppy love.

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Most people have a "workout," but Angela has a "werkout."

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Eva is throwing some mad shade(s).

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Something tells us that Joy isn't going to let the world pass her by.

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Solange Knowles: Slayer of the Turntable.

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Our palms are sweaty just looking at this pic.

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Lee is on that #tbt flow.