Celeb Instagram Moments We Double-Tapped This Week

Beyonce gets some culture, the Mowrys take a family trip to the farm, Tracee Ellis Ross warms up her lip-syncing pipes, Pharrell visits Sesame Street and more in this week's hottest celeb Instagram pics.

Taylor Lewis Oct, 16, 2015

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Queen Bey is brushing up on her Frida Kahlo knowledge at the New York Botanical Gardens.

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There's no such thing as rainy days in Janelle's world.

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Just in case you had forgotten that Alicia and Swizz are the cutest couple ever. 

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So much slayage at such a young age. 

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It was a fun day on the farm for the Mowry-Housley fam.

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The Color Purple has never looked so glamorous.

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That moment when you can finally kick off your heels after a long day of work.

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Even June needs her daily cup of (artisanal) pick-me-up.

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Think we could third-wheel on their next girlfriend outing? 

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Oscar the Grouch is not impressed.

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Tracee might have found her calling.

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Caution: Marlons walking.

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Gettin' those edges cleaned up.