Celeb Instagram Moments We Double-Tapped This Week

Some A-listers have the ultimate power hour, Tyra pauses for tea, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube hitch a ride, Tamron Hall stalks the Pope and more in this week's hottest celebrity Instagram photos!

Taylor Lewis Oct, 02, 2015

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We didn't know the true definition of #squadgoals until we saw this pic.

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It's tea time for Ty.

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Ciara admits that she's addicted to #MommySelfies, but we think those are the best kind! 

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Regal is as regal does.

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We would consider hitchhiking as a mode of transportation if there was a chance these two would pick us up! 

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Janelle has always had a look that was out of this world.

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It's the land of eternal summer for Christina.

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You better werk, hunty. 

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Here a slay, there a slay, everywhere a slay slay. 

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Two visionaries. One enviable photo. 

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Tamron takes a break to Pope-stalk (we hate to break it to you, but we don't think that is really the Pope's Fiat…).