Celeb Instagram Moments We Double-Tapped This Week

Beyonce and Blue stop to smell the flowers, Jussie Smollett hangs with his idol, Samira Wiley wishes Danielle Brooks a happy birthday and more in this week's hottest celeb Instagram pics. 

Taylor Lewis Sep, 18, 2015

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The Bey is buzzing! Beyonce and Blue give a whole new meaning to flower power. 

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Last year, Alicia threw Swizz a House Party-themed birthday. This year, it was old-school themed. Which brings us to the conclusion that Alicia is the birthday queen.

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We'd have a grin on our face, too, if we met Harry Belafonte! 

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Just when you didn't think Gabby & Dwyane could get any cuter… #RelationshipGoals

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Amber? Are you in there?

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Hey, no one said maintaining a set of pearly whites was easy!

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JHud travels with her own personal photographers (and baker, evidently!).

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O'Shea, you the real heavyweight MVP!

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Happy birthday, Danielle! This is how Litchfield celebrates birthdays.

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Oprah fuels up for another day of taking over the world.

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In case you needed a reminder as to why Michael Bae Jordan is the ultimate bae.

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We think June has found her happy place.