Celeb Cam: Twitpics of the Week June 10, 2011

Celeb Cam: Twitpics of the Week June 10, 2011
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 09, 2011

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Talk about hotel fab. Mr. Lenny Kravitz is taking you to the top floor.

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Laz conducts an interview — dropping knowledge.

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Kimora and Russell’s kids are growing up so fast. Check them out at their recital.

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Oh na, na, what’s my name? Rihanna seems to be a tad sleepy in the restaurant with friends.

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Laz is sitting pretty in the lap of luxury.

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Photos of Niecy Nash’s wedding are still popping up here and there. Such a beautiful gown.

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And the fun begins! Guests seem to be getting up close and personal with Niecy.

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And the moment of joy. Jay Tucker embraces his bride Niecy Nash — bridal bliss!

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Nelly’s son is on his way to being a man. The youngster graduated from the sixth grade this week. Congrats!

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Even in the early hours of the morning, Angela Simmons looks fabulous.

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Mr. Brown is enjoying time in Turks and Caicos with wifey Monica.

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Though Mrs. Brown was in Turks and Caicos on vacation, she experienced an allergic reaction to pistachios. Yikes!

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Ms. Sparks is all smiles during her interview.

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What a “Housewives” reunion! “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree ran into Kyle Richards of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

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Swizzy poses at his photo shoot — never a dull day in his world.

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Ciara was on her way to a show and running a bit behind. She still looks great even with her hair half done.

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A gorgeous Tamera poses showcasing her natural hair — it’s the way to go these days!

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NeNe kept a smile on her face after filming all day long. She’s such a trooper.

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Keshia is spending her lazy summer days on the sandy shores of Miami. jealous

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Kim dressed in diamonds put on her “I’m sexy” face on the way to the Glamour Awards. Oh the life…

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Alicia Keys rides in style all over the city. She even pulled out the convertible for this sunny day.

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Now Lance has been traveling all over the world lately, but some how forgot to tweet this photo of him and a cute monkey in the Dominican Republic!

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Cee-Lo got his team working hard. He’s trying to ensure they win “The Voice” competition.

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Tika gave her best pose on her way to a Covergirl event. So beautiful, isn’t she?

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LaLa finds time to do a little fishing — but how? Girlfriend is spotted on every coast! Love it!

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Justin Bieber gets love from everyone! Check him out and Ludacris!

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It never fails. Chris Brown keeps his Twitter followers sooo entertained.

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Now June’s closet is one to envy. She must have some of the cutest and most adorable skirts, hats, pumps and jewels on earth!

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Oh my! Omarion takes it off for the ladies during a recent concert.

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Serena Williams makes everyone feel a little guilty for having those fries for lunch. Just look at those abs! You go girl!

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Bow Wow enjoys a little quiet time with some music — showcasing his new Dr. Dre headphones.


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