Celeb Cam: Mother's Day Edition

Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Taraji P. Henson and more took to Instagram to celebrate Mother's Day. See their posts and more in our special Mother's Day edition of celeb cam.

Sylvia Obell May, 12, 2014

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"I'm honored to be your mama! I'm so glad you chose me. #thegreatestgift #happymothersday," posted the singer.

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"Celebrating his birthday and Mother's Day!!!! He was my Mother's Day gift. The BEST gift ever!!! Celly Cell you almost made me cry with the card you got me. I love you more than words will EVER be able to convey. You are what keeps me motivated to push harder in life. I live to prove to you that YOU can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. You are gifted and I can NOT wait until the word gets a dose of your talent," posted the Empire actress.

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"Happy Momma Day to the world's best mother @nicolearip Our children are our legacy, our priority in life. It looks easy before you do it, then you wake up one day and you are a mother. With unconditional love and joy come worries and fears. You ask: 'Am I doing a good job?' The answer is: 'Yes, you are!' You are doing a perfect job, perfect for our kids. You give them love and support, and you are raising them to be happy and confident people ready for their journey. Thank you and I love you," posted Nicole's husband Boris Kodjoe.

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"She's going back to Chicago, she's like 'Bye Felicia!'"

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"The best thang God ever made right here boo! Our queen HONEEEEEY!!! Mommy we celebrate you today and everyday bookie," posted Goo Goo on behalf of the Mary Mary clan. 

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"#CombsFamily #MothersDayBrunch Happy Mothers Day to all of you mothers out there," posted Diddy.

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"Logan is JUST like his daddy sooo sweet! #my1stmothersday," shared Tamar.

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"Happy Mother's Day everyone!! This is a new holiday for me, I'm not used to it.. it's very nice," shared Mariah.

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"Best thang that's ever happened to me," wrote Solange.

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"Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mommy. Words can't express how much I love you," wrote LaLa Anthony.

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"Mother's Day tea with my young man! #KenzoLee," shared Kimora.

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"Happy Mother's Day Mommy," wrote KeKe.

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"A picnic in the park is my idea of a beautiful day," posted the celebrity stylist.  

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"What an AMAZING Mothers Day with my #Marley," posted Eva on her first Mother's Day.

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Terrence J posted, "Brunch, then gun range! Happy Mothers Day!"