Celeb Cam: Instagram Pics of the Week

Oprah has lunch with the cast of Belle, Usher brings his sons to work, and Janelle Monae takes her mom to Dubai. See these and more in this week's top celebrity Instagram photos.

Sylvia Obell May, 14, 2014

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The singer and her hubby, New York Knicks' point guard Shannon Brown, enjoyed a yacht cruise with their family in celebration of Mother's Day. 

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Usher brought his sons, and a family friend, to the set of The Voice. Hey Shakira!

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Oprah loved the movie Belle so much that she invited the cast over her house for lunch. "GuGu Mbatha-Raw is a rising star," the media mogul gushed. 

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Monae and her mother enjoyed a trip to Dubai for Mother's Day. "Me and my first fan," she wrote.

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The gospel stars had a selfie session on the set of BET's Sunday Best

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Elle strikes a pose in her Alexander Wang ensemble. Now that's street style. 

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The longtime friends celebrated Diddy's honorary doctorate degree at Howard University. Mary posted this photo writing, "So proud of you!!!"  

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"Somewhere in Dubai," posted the super model. Wherever she is, it looks amazing. 

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The Grammy-winnng rapper shared a rare selfie. Not bad!

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The celebrity fitness trainer and Single Ladies star attended a friend's baby shower. Denise shared that the party's tasty macaroni and cheese is responsible for their smiles.

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The pretty trio stepped out to celebrate a friend's birthday. 

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Brandy and younger brother Ray J share a sibling selfie. This duo is known for always having each others back.