Celeb Cam: Instagram Pics of the Week

Uzo Aduba snaps a selfie with a First Lady, Taraji P. Henson hangs with her Empire family and Janelle Monae kicks up her heels in the best Instagram pics from this week.

Jolie A. Doggett Mar, 06, 2015

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Selfie inception.

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Looks like someone received first-day-on-the-job Flowers. Catch Ciara on the new variety show I Can Do That!

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Taraji and Jussie gotta answer when Terrence calls.

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Shine bright like a diamond.

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Relaxation level's on max.

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Perfect photo and an even more perfect photo bomb.

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Sisterly love! Erica, Tina, Goo Goo and Joi at Good Morning America.

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The ultimate boss lady selfie with Uzo Aduba and Hillary Clinton.

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Just chillin'.

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How cute is little Lecrae?

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We're kind of jealous of this poolside sunny selfie. When will winter be over?!

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"The day I met you I became one. You've shown me what true strength and courage is and you taught me that the love of faith and the faith in love is one and the same." What a sweet birthday tribute to his 10-year-old daughter Sophie.

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The Selfie Queen Sanaa Lathan continues to stunt on the Gram.

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Post-studio bonfire with Tyrese and Tank. Perfect way to unwind.

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Just what the doctor ordered: breakfast with the kids.

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Backstage selfie with Queen Latifah.

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G'day mate! Chris Rock journeys to Australia for the Top Five premiere.

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Ne-Yo looking a tad jet lagged. Hang in there...