Celeb Cam: How Stars Celebrated Easter

Nick and Mariah decorated eggs with their children, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz rented out a yacht, and Erica Campbell went to church. See how these celebs and more spent their Easter Sunday in this sepcial edition of Celeb Cam.

Sylvia Obell Apr, 21, 2014

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We still remember Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's glam Easter photo shoot last year. This year they kept it semi-simple with this adorable family photo. 

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Swizz Beatz shared this "Dean family photo" including his three sons, wife Alicia Keys, mother, mother-in-law and more aboard a yacht they rented for the day.

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Sarah Jakes shared this beautiful photo of her family on Easter with the caption, "Think I may keep these guys around."

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The father of six posted, "Happy Resurrection Sunday! Happy Easter! Spend today with the ones you love! Wishing nothing but love and happiness to you and yours."

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Mommy-to-be Ciara spotted the Easter bunny during her quest for pecan ice cream — her latest craving. 

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took a break from Dancing With The Stars rehersal to wish #TeamNene a happy Easter.

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Erica Campbell and her husband Waryn spent their Easter at The Potter House's Resurrection Sunday service where Erica performed. The couple were definitely rocking their "Sunday's best!"

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The new parents shared this adorable photo of their two-month-old daughter Ava. That headband is the cutest!

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Tracee Ellis Ross shared a quirky Instagram Video of her sporting a pair of bunny ears in honor of the holiday.

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Keshia made a delicious looking peach cobbler she made for Easter dinner. We can't wait to see what comes from her "Keshia's Kitchen" project, hopefully this recipie for starters!

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Only Queen B can make a fuzzy pair of bunny ears look this chic. 

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Christina Milian had a fun Easter with her family complete with tons of sugary treats for the kids — probably why her daughter and nephew were still fully energized at bed time when she posted this photo of them.

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Angela Simmons spent part of Easter with her mother and three sisters.