Casual Chic

Casual Chic
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 25, 2009

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Janet works casual chic style with perfection. Scarf (perfect for travel), comfy harem sweats, hot boots and shades. NOTE: Don’t forget your headphones.

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TV personality and lawyer Star Jones knows how to travel in style. Leather jacket, Louis Vuitton and shades. Note: Puppy optional.

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Rapper and “Glee” star Eve should be the casual chic poster girl. Leather jacket, jeans, scarf, hat, and hot boots.

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Estelle is travelling in style in this bold, colorful scarf and over-sized Fendi tote. Note: Chocolate cupcake optional.

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Comfortable sweater, shades, over sized bag and hot boots. Note: High ponytail optional—but preferred.

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Casual chic doesn’t mean undone. Rihanna is wearing jeans, shades and boots with this fabulous fur trimmed sweater.

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A major coat, like Halle Berry’s stripped sweater coat will make any outfit work. This is effortless chic.

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Vanessa Williams knows that a great coat and beautiful face and fierce hair is all you need to keep it chic on the streets.

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Mary J. Blige’s leather trench is the perfect piece for the casual chic closet. NOTE: Great boots make any outfit work.

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Kimora Lee Simmons may be the Queen of fabulous, but she also known how to keep it simple and chic with her military jacket and jeans. Hi Kenzo!

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Actress and blogger Joy Bryant is the perfect example of mixing fabrics and textures with style.

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Natalie Cole knows that a great sweater is perfect for travel, chilling and staying warm.

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Tracee Ellis Ross keeps it simple with a fierce Hermes Kelly bag, leggings and flip flops.

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Fresh dressed, it always important to maintain your identity when you go home for the holidays. Beyonce knows what time it is.

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Garcelle Beauvais wears a colorful argyle sweater, t-shirt and jeans with her Uggs. This outfit is baby safe.


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