Caribbean Fashion Week Designers

Check out the hot islanders behind the designs hitting the runway this season.

Celia L. Smith Jun, 03, 2014

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The daughter of famed reggae singer Bob Marley has paved her own path as an author, C.E.O, and most notably in fashion with her Catch A Fire Brand, a collection of vibrant bohemian pieces. This season the designer, versed in home furnishings, accessories and beyond, will be presenting her menswear collection Marley Apparel, an homage to her dad's effortless style. Available at

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2012 presentation of the official Jamaican Olympic uniforms designed by Cedella Marley.

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The award-winning Trinidadian designer creates pieces from bridal to boardwalk, and epic carnival costumes in between. No one collection looks the same but one thing is consistent: Meiling's clean, crisp lines and minimal yet artistic silhouettes are quite refreshing. Shop Meiling and more island designers at

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Meiling's La Vie en Noir collection.

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Another Trinidad native, Claudia Pegus has that quintessential island vibe. Bold flowing silks and hand-embroidered craftsmanship elevate kaftan and beach-bound looks to a luxe level. Shop Claudia Pegus and more island designers at

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Claudia Pegus Resort 2015 collection.

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The London-based fashion designer will be the first to tell you that her pieces are "conversation starters." But her strong suit lays less in her fun literal designs and more in her knack for pairing whimsical prints with feminine silhouettes. For example, a vintage-esque couch-like pattern in the shape of tulip dress is a perfect piece for any day. Shop Alicia Mullings and more island designers at

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Alicia Mullings Spring 2014 Collection.

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Juliette Dyke's Julan line infuses island boldness with eye-catching colors and designs, all with a downtown twist. Her literal mixes of nostalgia and futurism make for an original design perspective. Shop Julan and more island designers at

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Caribbean Fashion Week 2012.