Career In Pictures: Keyshia Cole

Photographic milestones from Keyshia Cole's successful R&B career.
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 02, 2010

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Cole serves up face and fashion during a shoot in the early days of her career.

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Fresh out of Oakland, Keyshia Cole burst on the scene with the Kanye West-produced, “I Changed My Mind” from her debut album, “The Way It Is.”

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While we certainly love her music, it’s Cole’s humble, raw honesty that really touches a nerve. Fans connected with her, right away.

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Cole’s live performances are full of heart and her soul. Here, she performs at last year’s BET Awards in Los Angeles.

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In 2007, Cole opened her world to reality cameras for her top-rated BET reality show, “The Way It Is.” We couldn’t turn away.

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Cole is known for her music as well as her often-changing coifs (and colors!).

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Showing her softer side, Cole released her sophomore album, “A Different Me.”

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A proud nominee, Cole poses on the red carpet at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

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Cole works it out during one of her live shows.

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No matter how loud the chatter about her personal life, Cole always carries herself like a lady, with her head held high.

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Keyshia poses with her fiancee’ Daniel Gibson. The couple welcomed their son to the world on March 2, 2010. The baby is named after his father.

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A few months after having a baby, Keyshia made a surprise appearance on the 2010 BET Awards.

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Keyshia Cole performs on the main stage of the New Orleans Superdome on Friday night of the 2012 ESSENCE Music Festival.


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