Bright and Curvy

These sisters are strutting their stuff in these flirty and flowing bright colored dresses.
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 12, 2010

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The TV diva looks gorgeous in this green dress and matching eye shadow.

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The R&B singer looks pretty in pink in this shapely dress with sheer neckline, black tights and booties.

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The singer and actress is glowing in this red fitted dress with a slightly darker red lip.

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The model struts her stuff on the runway in a green gown by by Korto Momolu and looks like a dream.

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The media mogul looks powerful in this stunning red dress.

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The multimedia star looks regal in this long, flowing purple gown.

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The mini-mogul looks like a green goddess in this silky, floor-length wrap dress.

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The American Idol is bright and shining in this yellow dress with a gold belt.

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The actress and TV host looks beautiful in this blue satin dress that shows off her curves.

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Pink and poised is this Monif C Nelli dress.


# Fashion


# Fashion