Bridal Bliss: Viva and Chike

Bridal Bliss: Viva and Chike
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 11, 2011

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Newlyweds Viva and Chike met in London, fell in love in Istanbul and tied the knot in Malta on October 10, 2010. Share their love.

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Viva and Chike knew they wanted to get married in Europe as it’s the halfway mark for their friends and family in the US and in Africa. They chose Malta as it’s easier to travel to than some other Mediterranean destinations. Plus the weather was warm and the architecture was stunning.

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Viva recruited hairstylist Charlotte Mensa of London salon Hair Lounge to sweep her hair up a romantic half up – half down do.

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The bride’s elegant makeup look was created by Elaine Shobanjo of

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Viva’s bridesmaids pitch in to help her get into her biased cut Vera Wang wedding gown.

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A dainty pair of strappy sandals was all Viva needed to stroll down the aisle with class.

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Viva’s bridesmaids were all smiles on their girlfriend’s big day. She found their Siri dresses in New York at designer loft nyc.

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Viva’s wedding gown oozes romance, fitting in well with the architecture in Malta.

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We love Viva’s hue of soft tones in her wedding, from the bridesmaids’ gowns to the gorgeous bridal bouquet.

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The couple tied the knot that the historic St. Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina, Malta. The church stands on the site of the house of the governor Publius, who was said to have received St. Paul when he was shipwrecked on Malta.

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Viva’s father looks proud to give his daughter away to Chike on wedding wedding day. He’s practically beaming.

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Viva comes from a Catholic family. It was important that she be married in a traditional Catholic cathedral. St. Paul’s is simply breathtaking.

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Viva and Chike couldn’t wait to plant one on each other after the beautiful ceremony.

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The newlyweds strut out of the cathedral holding hands and bursting with love.

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“He’s literally my better half,” Viva gushes about Chike. “He is always so positive and so giving of his time.”

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“He just seems to constantly be at my disposal and it hasn’t worn off yet,” Viva laughs. “I’m the only girl of four brothers so maybe I’m used to men that spoil me, but I’m beginning to feel guilty now.”

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“There’s just this inherent trust that I have that he would never hurt my feelings,” Viva says. “I feel safe. Yes there is that romantic passionate love, but there’s also this innate trust that this is my friend and my friend would never hurt me.”

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Despite the fact that Viva is their only girl, her parents seem happy to let her go and live her new life with Chike. They must know that she is in good hands.

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After the ceremony guests joined Viva and Chike at the Villa Brasserie for the reception.

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The newlyweds held each other close and whispered sweet nothings in each others’ ears as they danced their first dance.

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Villa Brasserie not only catered the wedding the restaurant’s pastry chef also provided the three-tiered wedding cake.

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Chike and Viva’s mothers couldn’t be prouder on this day.

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“I can’t wait to give him babies,” Viva says of what she’s looking forward to now that she’s married to Chike. “I know that we’d be such nice parents. I’d be the cool mom and he’d be the loving dad.”

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