Bridal Bliss: Ti'tiana and Brent's Charlotte Wedding

Ti’tiana’s mom spotted Brent in the student union while helping her move into college her freshman year. She introduced them and they wound up being in the same sociology class. The rest is history. Share their wedding bliss!

Charli Penn Oct, 28, 2015

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“Our entire relationship had been long distance,” says new bride Ti’tiana. “It didn’t matter what Brent had going on he would make sure I knew that I was the most important person in his life and that our relationship was worth everything to him.”

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“I wore an Austrian Crystal comb headpiece and my jewelry (earrings and bracelets) were from Swarovski,” she tells us. “My shoes were white satin Badgley Mischka 4.25” pumps.”

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A lovely bouquet for a lovely bride.

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“My wedding dress was hand made and designed by Berta Bridal,” says the bride. “It took a year and a half to get the dress. It came from Israel!”

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Hey fellas. Looking good!

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“My wife is selfless,” says the groom. “She is never thinking of herself and seldom receives recognition and/or reward for all the effort she puts into most all things she does for others. She is loving, caring, honest and beautiful both inside and out.” 

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“My husband was a good sport,” the bride tells us. “I actually picked everything (his tux and his groosmans’ tux as well). He let’s me dress him on a regular basis so it was a natural thing lol. Brent wore a heather gray tux by Jean Yves and the groomsmen wore a charcoal gray tux by the same designer.”

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We love that Ti'tiana and her girls had fun with their photos.

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“My mom was my designer, which was incredible considering she’s a phenomenal interior designer,” says Ti’tiana. “In fact, that’s her hobby and not her profession but she’s amazing at it.”

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“The girls wore dark gray metallic Monique Lhuillier dresses,” the bride shares. “We were looking for sexy elegance and not the typical bridesmaid dress.”

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A bridal party portrait to remember.

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“I remain in prayer constantly concerning decisions and choices that are to be made in my life,” says Brent. “I would honestly say I didn’t choose her as much as it was revealed to me that she was my one and only.” 

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“I’ve known my wife now for several years where we started out as friends and progressed to being married,” says Brent. “There is a feeling you get on occasion when you just know you’re making the right decision. Early on in our friendship I had that feeling and always hoped we would be here now. It is no coincidence that our paths crossed and how our relationship transpired.”

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“When he proposed, I definitely cried an ugly cry,” says the bride, “It was bad but I was super happy and very touched by how much he expressed how much he loved me. Plus if he cries it’s a BIG deal, so that was a amazing feeling.”

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“So my mom designed everything herself…she picked out the flowers and designed the arrangements, the ceremony decor, reception décor, and reception centerpieces,” says the bride. “For my bouquet she we went with white roses and orchids.”

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“I love her humility, humor, intelligence, and independence but I would be remiss if I didn’t say I love her smile,” says Brent.

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“I love how he seeks to serve and love God,” the bride proudly says. “I love how he loves me and how he encourages me to be confident in our love and our life together. I love how he promises to make me fall in love with him daily. The goal is to grow together…to support each other in fulfilling our dreams each and every day.”

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“I wanted a dress that would make my husband go, ‘God she’s sexy…but so elegant,’” the bride shares. Nailed it!

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“I believe everyone has the capability of finding true love,” says the groom. “You don’t know the circumstance and when exactly it will happen but once that opportunity presents itself you have to act. I’m so glad I acted on the blessing that was given to me.” 

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“I said yes because Brent is my best friend,” says the bride. “In a way we’ve grown up together having met at 18 (dating for a year) and then separated due to me and my family moving and not talking for five years. Just to get back together at 24 and pick up where we’d left off has been a amazing experience.” 

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“He’s truly a gift from God,” says Ti’tiana. “He’s what I asked God for, literally. He’s God’s manifestation of his love for me and that’s a blessing. He’s my first everything. First, last, and only. And I am so happy to be able to share that and give that to him.”

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“My daddy walked me down the aisle and it was great,” says the bride. “Just before we headed down he looked at me and said, ‘You ready? Ok, now breathe’ He’s so cute.

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“I walked down the aisle to ‘Your Hands are Cold,’” says the bride. “It’s a classical beautiful piece by Dario Marianelli from the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. I play classical piano so I knew that I wanted a classical piece from the start.”

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“We did include a couple special traditions,” says the bride.  “We did our own vows (expression of love), lit a unity candle and the Lord’s Supper.”

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“Our superintendent married us,” says the bride. “He’s my spiritual godfather so it was a blessing for him to perform the ceremony.”

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“I felt so blessed to be able to share this moment with our family and close friends,” says the bride. “I knew how much I was in love with him and could see how much he was in love with me…so I was happy to be able to officially declare that this feeling would last forever.”

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The newlyweds were all smiles on their way back down the aisle.

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We just adore how Brent kept giving his bride tender kisses on the big day.

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Did we mention that the back of Ti'tiana's dress was flawless?!

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“I did know was that God was going to take care of me and the ‘love situation,’ so I wasn’t actively searching for true love when I found it,” the bride admits. “What was true though was the fact that I had this thing for him since we first met at 18 and I never let him go even through six years of us being apart. So having the opportunity to pick back up at 24 was worth the wait and such a blessing.”

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The bride and groom couldn't wait to join their guests on the dance floor.

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“The wedding cake was one of a kind,” says Ti’tiana. “I love chocolate and strawberries and wanted something different. I saw a picture of a cake that I used as inspiration for what I wanted. The baker then took what I wanted and created a unique piece that incorporated what I was asking for.”

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“We definitely had a deejay and one of my good friends Cedric Rush (we call him ‘the other Ced the Entertainer’) was our MC for the reception and he was hilarious and so much fun,” says the bride.

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“Brent loves God,” says his bride. “He’s quick to say he’s sorry when he’s wrong. He’s driven, faithful, committed, remarkably funny, corny and very intelligent. He’s always concerned about taking care of what’s his and making sure that his word remains true.”

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“We wanted a modern elegance with a touch of vintage as the theme of the wedding,” the bride shares. “We decided to go with Ballantyne country club because it gave us the ability to have the ceremony and reception in one central location and offered a gorgeous and refined atmosphere.”

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The couple used a sweet memory from their love story as a giant guestbook for friends and family to sign.

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The newlyweds made sure to include all of the best traditions in their reception party.

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