Bridal Bliss: Tanya and Frederick

Bridal Bliss: Tanya and Frederick
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 18, 2010

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Meet Tanya and Frederick Vialet, study buddies who are passing the tests of love with flying colors. They got married on September 6, 2009 and became permanent partners in the course of life.

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The beautiful autumn color burnt orange is one of Tanya’s favorites and was incorporated into the wedding scheme, including the bridal bouquet.

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Tanya’s mother makes sure all the details on the dress are perfect before her baby girl heads down the aisle.

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Tanya bought her dress during a sample sale and saved. She purchase the gorgeous gown—which normally sells for around $3000—for $900.

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Frederick is from St. Thomas, and his bride is from Jamaica. The couple’s Caribbean rivalry is super cute.

Tanya admits she loved Frederick’s accent when they started dating.

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After zipping up the gown, perfectly positioning the veil and frosting her neck and wrist with wedding jewels, the bride makes some time for a photo-op before the main event.

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Not one to make all the decisions, Tanya let her bridesmaids pick the dress they wanted to walk down the aisle in.

“I figured ‘they will have to pay for it, so they should like it.’ I just gave my feedback as to which I preferred,” she explained.

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Tanya kept her cool before walking down the aisle by talking to her intended.

“I was in the limo and I said to myself, ’I’m not gonna cry’ and I said ‘I have to talk to Fred.’ He was calling me and giving me updates of what was going on at the church and with those calls I was getting calm.”

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Fred’s back was turned to his bride, so he couldn’t see her until she met him at the altar. When she got there, Tanya stuck out her tongue and gave her groom a raspberry to ease their jitters.

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Tanya and Fred had about 140 attendees at their wedding. Their original guest list had 225 people, but their scaled it down in the end.

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The beautiful bride describes herself as an introvert. She said the extra attention she got on her big day made her a little nervous.

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Tanya and Fred lit a big candle to signify the eternal flame they have for one and other.

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The newlyweds smooched for the first time as husband and wife in front of family and friends.

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The couple, who originally met at Rutgers University, tied the knot at Kirkpatrick Chapel in New Brunswick, New Jersey because of its ties with their alma matter.

“Fred is involved in the Alumni Association, and we love the architecture,” Tanya said.

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Tanya said the easiest part of planning her wedding was finding the dress. She knew it was the one right away.

“It was the first dress I tried on. I looked at it on line and went into a store that carried the brand. It looked plain on the hanger, but I tried it on and fell in love with it.”

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“Originally my wedding color-scheme was supposed to be burnt orange, because I like that color and it looks good on dark skin,” Tanya said. “then we decided to try-on the bridesmaid gown we saw online. When we went to the store, they had the dresses in blue, and it was such a lovely color that I said, ‘yep, that’s the color we’re going with.’ Of course, I didn’t want to give up my orange, so the colors became sapphire blue and orange.”

A beautiful combination.

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Tanya and Fred Posed with the bride’s parents.

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The newlyweds took a moment to soak in their special day before heading in to the reception.

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“I fell in love with Fred more and more for all that he was and is—his intellect, modesty, faith, and overall personality,” Tanya gushed.

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Tanya confessed that she didn’t feel very different after saying ‘I Do’.

“It’s been 100 percent commitment from day one.”

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White flowers mixed in with burnt orange roses make a gorgeous centerpiece for the reception.

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Tanya and Frederick close their eyes in reverence before siting down to dine at their wedding reception.

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The couple danced to Lionel Richie’s “Truly” and then changed up the tempo with soca artist Shurwayne Winchester’s “Friend to Wife.”

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The new husband and wife display their new jewelry.

Tanya’s wedding band is white gold with a row of diamonds along the top and Fred’s band is two-toned with yellow and white gold.

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“Our cake was delicious,” Tanya remembers. “It was five layers with different filling, two tiers had fresh strawberries, two had pineapple and one had carrot.”

The couple got their cake through a package with the reception hall, who used ‘Gourmet Touch Bakery’ in Liberty Corner, New Jersey.

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Before taking off his wife’s garter, Fred dressed up as a champion boxer with his best man/manager dressed as Don King.

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The champ revels in his prize before sending it flying into the hands of a worthy bachelor.

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The couple’s reception was a big fiesta!

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Tanya reflects on her new title—Mrs.

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Tanya and Fred say every once in a while they have to pinch each other and say, “oh we’re married.”

“I don’t think it has hit me yet,” The new wife said. “Because to us, we were already wed, we just had to make it official.”


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