Bridal Bliss: Russella and Richie

Bridal Bliss: Russella and Richie
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 02, 2010

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High School Sweethearts Russella Davis and Richie Rogers have loved each other for over a decade. The two made it official in a gorgeous courtyard wedding in Knoxville, Tennessee on August 20, 2010. Share their love.

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Russella’s maid of honor Simone Cook created a naturally, shimmery makeup look for the bride’s big day. Another bridesmaid, Joy Adams, styled her hair.

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“On my wedding day, I was so excited. I was like, ‘OK I want to get married now!’” Russella remembers.

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“I had a long cathedral veil because I wanted the dramatic effect,” Russella explains. Her mermaid-style Pronovais gown is definitely dramatic.

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Russella’s mother helps her lay out her long, dramatic veil.

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Russella’s eight bridesmaids all wore golden gowns with different cuts that suited their personalities. Each woman wore a single string of pearls. We call that classic Hollywood-style beauty.

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Restricted from seeing each other before they got to the altar, Russella and Richie held hands and shared a special moment before walking down the aisle.

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Russella and her bridesmaids held hands and said a prayer before walking down the aisle.

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“It sounds cliche, but she really is my best friend,” Richie says of his new wife. “She keeps me grounded, but lets me live and make mistakes.”

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“My nickname for Richie is Bam because he’s so strong,” Russella explains. “I have a very strong personality. I have very strong convictions and he’s strong enough to support me.”

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The Crescent Inn House and Garden featured little adorable accents like this sign that directed people to the wedding ceremony.

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Russella had three escorts on her wedding day, her grandfather Russell (pictured), her father and her stepfather.

Russella’s other grandfather "PaPa Herbert passed away in 2009. “We got married on his birthday and dedicated the wedding to him,” the bride shared.

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“I turned to my pastor and I told him. ‘Good God!’” Richie says of seeing his bride walk toward him. “I had knots in my stomach. It was breathtaking. God truly, truly blessed me.”

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“I paused and looked at him and I saw him looking up at me and we sort of locked yes and I got lost in the moment,” Russella remembers of walking toward her groom. “I took a deep breath and I thought, ‘My makeup is too fierce to get messed up!’”

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The lovebirds said their own vows. They asked their pastor from Michigan to fly down and officiate the wedding in Tennessee.

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“Richie and I started giggling and then we embraced in what I think was the longest kiss ever,” Russella relays. “You know, we just got married. It was very romantic, but it was very tasteful too.”

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Richie and Russella’s rings are testaments to their long-lasting love for each other.

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“I’m looking forward to not getting pregnant yet,” Russella jokes about waiting to have a baby. “and just enjoying being husband and wife.”

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“I got emotional,” Richie remembers of his wedding day. “I remember going to high school dances with her and taking high school valentine’s day pictures together.”

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Another cute accent — a small chalk board — sits in the reception hall to commemorate Richie and Russella’s wedding day.

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Russella helped her husband stead their four-tiered wedding cake to make the perfect slice.

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Russella’s bridesmaids line up to catch her orchid bouquet.

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Richie and his Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity brothers perform a choreographed dance at the wedding reception.

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After 12 years of love, Russella and Riche have seen each other grow in so many ways. They look forward to a lifetime of good times.

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