Bridal Bliss: Rukiya and Qubi

Bridal Bliss: Rukiya and Qubi
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 26, 2011

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When Qubi proposed to Rukiya she tells us the moment was so special she thought she was dreaming.

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Qubi poses proudly on his wedding day. We love his khaki suit style.

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Lovely bride Rukiya shows off her stunning bridal style.

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Love Rukiya’s dress as much as we do? The lovely mermaid style gown was from Brides by Demetrios the Sposabella line. It was the third dress the bride tried on but she wasn’t totally convinced until she’d tried on countless others.

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Rukiya shows off her sexy, sassy tiered train. We just love the detail on that dress!

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Qubi looks at this new wife with such love in his eyes. Don’t they make a gorgeous couple?

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One of Rukiya’s fondest memories of dating Qubi was when he once drove eight hours from Atlanta to Indianapolis just to take her out to dinner for her birthday.

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Rukiya and Qubi walk off into the sunset hand in hand at the beautiful Dreams Palm Beach Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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We fell instantly in love with this stunning portrait of beautiful bride Rukiya.

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Rukiya and Qubi hold hands as they show off their new wedding bling.

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Qubi dips his lovely bride as they bask in the beauty of the day.

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One of Qubi’s favorite memories with Rukiya is of the time they took their kids to the beach house in Florida where they had their first real date. “That beach house was where I went when i was young,” says Qubi. “It was nice to take Rukiya and the kids so they could enjoy what I enjoyed growing up.”

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Rukiya and Qubi shared their special moment at the altar with their boys.

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Qubi and Rukiya are of Christian faith and they were happy to find a Christian pastor to incorporate scripture, prayer, and a sand ritual into their wedding ceremony.

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Qubi and Rukiyah seal the deal with a sweet kiss beneath the gazebo.

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To keep with their tropical destination wedding theme, the happy couple sent out wedding invitations designed to look like airplane tickets. We love, love, love this idea!

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Guests were gifted with fans to go along with their programs so they could stay cool throughout the outdoor ceremony.

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When it came to their wedding details Rukiya and Qubi didn’t skip a beat. Even the napkins were decorated to match the beauty and theme of their day.

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Their new family of four came together for a symbolic sand ceremony. The combining of the sand into one large vase represents their lives joining together as one.

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Rukiya’s little man walked her down the aisle.

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After the ceremony Rukiya, Qubi, and their intimate crew of 20 cherished guests headed on over to the Jellyfish restaurant for signature cocktails and a candlelit dinner.

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Rukiya and Qubi share an intimate first dance beneath the stars.

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A lovely kings table awaited guests who arrived for an intimate twilight dinner.

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Rukiya and her son share a special moment on the dance floor.

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Rukiya and Qubi break from the wedding day hustle to hang out beneath a beachfront hut.

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It’s not hard to tell just how much Rukiya and Qubi love each other. Just look at how they stare into one another’s eyes. We really feel the love guys!

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What’s pure bliss like? We’re guessing it’s two people madly in love sitting on a beautiful beach staring out into the blissful sea on their wedding day. Yup, that sure sounds about right!

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Rukiya and Qubi close out the night with a tender kiss and a cute wooden sign. For more photos from Rukiya and Qubi’s wedding visit our partner The Bride’s Cafe. Lovely photography by SB Childs Photography.


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