Bridal Bliss: Monique and Sean

Bridal Bliss: Monique and Sean
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 03, 2011

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Monique strayed from the popular princess gown and went with a silky, Hollywood glam-inspired, floor-length dress by Waters on her wedding day.

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We’re glad to see the colorful shoe trend carry over into 2011. These red pumps gave Monique’s outfit some extra va-va-voom.

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It’s great to have lifelong friends who will be by your side on your wedding day. Monique’s next door neighbor from high school Tiana Edwards and Star Bellamy from T’s House of Styles created her glamorous hairdo on her wedding day.

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Instead of the traditional veil, Monique wore this beautiful feathered and studded headpiece that complimented her curls so well.

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Monique’s bridesmaid gives the bride a hand as she gets set to walk down the aisle.

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Monique’s flawless smokey eye was created by Ryan Whitney of Ryan Whitney Makeup Artistry. The dramatic eye makeup goes well with her long earrings and deep red roses.

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Momique shares some laughs with her mother before saying “I do.”

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While the ladies get pretty, Sean and his groomsmen take their time making sure they look fly before they head down the aisle.

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The red tie and rose really brighten up Sean’s look, adding some extra passion to his wedding day outfit.

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How romantic! Monique made her way down the aisle with red rose petals at her feet and Beyonce’s “Halo” playing behind her.

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Sean gave his wife three wedding bands, each signifying different elements of their love.

“I knew she was not expecting it nor the symbolism of each one,” he says.

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Sean’s vows certainly cracked Monique and wedding guests up.

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Monique tried to hold it together, but it looks like things got a little emotional. “I was such a fan of Dr. Burke’s vows from ’Grey’s Anatomy’ and wanted mine to be similar…” said Sean.

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Speaking of kisses — Sean and Monique planted passionate smooches on each other when they were finally prompted to kiss each other as husband and wife for the first time.

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The newlyweds can’t keep their eyes off each other now that they are officially husband and wife.

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Sean says he loved seeing his bride walk down the aisle with her “big beautiful smile, looking at me, seeing a sense of pride, promise and excitement in her eyes.”

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“I love her understanding nature and her faith and spirituality,” Sean says of his new wife. “They are both intertwined and the connection the two have drawn me closer every day and empower our relationship, where anything is possible between us.”

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Sean surprised his bride with three wedding bands. The first symbolizes family, the second for strength and dedication, and the third for wisdom.

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“Every time she looks at me, I can’t help but smile,” Sean confesses.

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“Sean will try just about anything once,” Monique says. “He makes me step out of my comfort zone and try new things. It’s really refreshing.”

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“Being married to Sean is a gift in itself,” Monique gushes. “I am so in awe of God’s ability to pair soul mates and can hardly believe he led mine right to me and that we get to go through life as a team.”

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The wedding party welcomes the newly married Mr. and Mrs. to the wedding reception.

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The couple was serenaded by soloist Aniesia Williams’s version of Whitney Houston’s “I Believe in You & Me.” How romantic!

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Monique reveals what she’s most looking forward to as a married couple: “I’m most looking forward to our shared firsts. We’re pretty driven individually, so we’re preparing to climb even higher heights together.”

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The stylish couple opted for cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. It adds little unique touch to their ceremony, plus it featured the couple’s favorite — red velvet.

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Monique feed Sean his first bite of their decadent wedding cake.

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Both Monique and Sean have strong ties to Black Greek life. See them post their signs for their respective organizations — Monique a Delta; Sean a Kappa.

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“We push one another in a way that’s supportive yet firm, like a coach that wants to see their star player reach his or her full potential,” said Monique.

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The beautiful couple take a seat to enjoy the moment.

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Monique stood above the crowd of hungry ladies and tossed her dazzling red bouquet to the wedding hopefuls.

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As tradition would have it, Sean got down on one knee to remove his wife’s garter.

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The lovely couple toasts to many years of happiness and long lasting love.

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“I look forward to building with her,” Sean says. “I want to be a part of her personal successes and triumphs and create a legacy between us where we both can look back and have a sense of accomplishment.”

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“We’re pretty driven individually, so we’re preparing to climb even higher heights together,” Monique says. “We push one another in a way that’s supportive yet firm, like a coach that wants to see their star player reach his or her full potential.”


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