Bridal Bliss: Memi and Dapo

Memi and Dapo met in their freshman math class at Morgan State University and began dating. After splitting for two years in favor of being “best friends,” something told them to give love one more try. It was the best decision they ever made!

Charli Penn Feb, 06, 2013

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Cost Analyst Memi, 26, and her love Dapo, 26, a systems engineer, found each other and true love when they met their freshman year at Morgan State University. Unsure of a full-on commitment at 18, the couple partied ways and decided to stay the best of friends. But, by their senior year of college, they were back together again—and this time, for good. Three years later, Dapo surprised Memi with a romantic proposal on the campus where it all began. They tied the knot on August 4, 2012. Share their love!

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For her wedding day makeup, Memi put her trust in her dear friend from college Deyanira Montgomery, who owns her own makeup company. “She was amazing!” exclaims Memi. “She did my makeup for my graduation pictures a few years ago an for some of my engagement photos, so she was familiar with my skin type, my complexion and my style.”

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Memi was decked out in bling from head to toe. We went nuts over this fierce caviar bridal manicure. It’s just enough, but not too much. It’s clear this bride didn’t skip a detail.

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"We got our bridal party a bunch of gifts," Memi brags. We're guessing these sexy, chic custom robes were included in her bridesmaids goodie bags. Excellent choice, Memi!

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Hairdresser Lakiesha Jernagin of Take Tyme Salon styled Memi for her big day. “She’s such a good friend to me and I was so happy to have her with me the morning of my wedding because she is such a calming force,” the beaming bride tells us. “She also did my hair for both my proms, so it was like coming full circle. She is so familiar with what I like and what I’m comfortable with.”

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“No matter how I’m feeling, or what I’m going through, Dapo just knows what to do to make everything okay,” confesses Memi. He sounds like a keeper!

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Mrs. Oladapo came prepared with a custom bridal robe to help her shine.

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Memi stepped into these Betsey Johnson suede tan t-strap pumps all decked out with bling. Aren’t they fabulous?

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For her big day, Memi wore this breathtaking wedding gown from Winnie Couture. “I tried on probably about 40 dresses,” she tells us. “I was very particular about what I wanted and with me being a thicker woman, I refused to buy a dress I couldn’t try on.”

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“I wasn’t searching high and low for true love,” Memi insists. “Many people think we’re too young to be married and starting a family, but I always tell them that when you find someone who fills your heart up and strives every day to make you happy, why pass that up?”

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“After trying on so many dresses, I felt like the dress I chose was made just for me,” says Memi. “It had bling. It had ruffles. It had organza. And, it was very slimming. It just had my name all over it. It was ridiculously over budget but I just could not turn away from it.”

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With this beautiful engagement ring, Dapo asked Memi to be his wife before forty of their closest friends and family at Morgan State University, where their love story began.

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Memi didn't worry much about selecting flowers for her bridal bouquet. She let her florist take control and the result was absolutely beautiful.

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Isn't Memi wearing that dress? It's a real showstopper!

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Dapo stepped out in style in this debonair suit by Sarar, Inc. No wonder Memi was blown away the first time she saw her groom on their wedding day.

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Memi sneaks up on her groom as he prepared to see her in her wedding gown for the first time on their wedding day. The "first look" ceremony has become a very popular choice with many of today's brides and grooms.

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“He makes me want to be the best wife in the world everyday,” Memi says. “It’s because he is committed to being the best husband to me.”

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Memi says her relationship with Dapo was really a natural progression. “Everything just flowed so smoothly, and it just felt so perfect,” she says. “I always had this feeling that he was meant to be in my life for good.”

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“Dapo is a strong-willed, determined and loyal man,” beams the bride.

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“What I love most about Dapo is his fear of God and his commitment to being the husband God instructs him to be,” Memi admits.

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Memi’s beautiful bridesmaids donned these peach, chiffon evening gowns from Bari Jay. “I let them try on many different dresses that met my color and fabric requirements, and my maid of honor finally selected one that everyone loved,” the bride tells us.

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“My hubby had full reign over what his friends wore and he did an amazing job,” says Memi. “I was worried at first because we didn’t agree on the shades of grey, but at the end of the day, it turned out beautifully.” They fellas wound up wearing these sharp suits from the Alfani line at Macy's. Memi says the quality was amazing.

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Aww! This picture needs a frame ASAP.

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“It was such a surreal moment,” Memi tells us about walking down the aisle with her father to meet her groom. “I felt so many emotions—mostly just happiness and feelings of being blessed.”

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Memi and Dapo held a traditional Nigerian ceremony. Memi’s childhood pastors officiated the ceremonies. “Nigerian ceremonies do things a little differently,” she says. “Our ceremony was two and half hours long, as opposed to the more traditional American one hour format.”

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Memi says she cried like a baby during their ceremony. “Runny nose, snot and all of that,” she recalls. “It was hilarious. On the video you hear a chorus of ‘awws’ after Dape wiped away my tears.”

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In addition to exchanging traditional vows, Memi and Dapo also had the chance to share personal vows with one another.

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The bride and groom bow their heads in prayer.

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Say hello to the new Mr. and Mrs. Oladapo!

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Initially, style-minded bride Memi wasn’t sold on her wedding and reception venue. She felt her design aesthetic would be overwhelmed by the existing décor there but couldn’t find another venue that would fit her guest size and careering needs. Luckily, the wedding décor firm she blogged for, BCG Events, promised to transform the space to her liking, and they totally delivered.

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The bridal party danced their way into the reception with big smiles. It looks like everyone is having an amazing time at this wedding. What more could the bride and groom have asked for?

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Memi's bridesmaids sure do know how to have a good time.

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And, Dapo's groomsman too!

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“I wanted our wedding to be glamorous and ethereal," Memi exclaims. “All I had to do was drape the walls of my venue because that was the main thing that caused the strife between my mom and I. I just could not have seen my vision happening in a place with wooden panels. The transformation really took place.”

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"All of our guests agreed that our entrace was the best part of our reception," says Memi. "We entered to the 112's 'Only You.' And, then we did a medley of six other songs."

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Large, romantic floral vases placed atop peach colored shadow boxes and mirrors decorated the rectangular tables. This tablescape has just the right touch of bling—a perfect touch for glamorous bride Memi.

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For their first official dance as husband and wife, Memi and Dapo glided across the dance floor to the sweet sounds of Corrine Bailey Rae’s rendition of “Is This Love.” And, from the looks of it, it sure is!

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"Our cake was stunning," says Memi. "I saw a picture online and requested a variation of it. It was made of four delicious tiers with edible candy pearls sprinkled all over it." The team over at Icing for Joy is responsible for this delicious creation!

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The fabulous team at BCG Event Décor helped Memi make her wedding day fantasies come true.

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Gold shimmer charger plates and peach napkins helped to take Memi and Dapo's table style to the next level.

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For the reception tables, Memi chose neutral linens to help make the luxe floral arrangements and romantic candle arrangements pop.

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All the glitz and glamour from Memi and Dapo's reception party had their 450 guests, plus 150 or so crashers, in awe.

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“I had a romantic, glamorous, fun wedding in mind and I was very focused and determined on getting what I wanted,” Memi reveals. “I stuck to my vision.”

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“I’ve always been a hopeless romantic,” says Memi. “I’ve never had a negative outlook on love. When I met Dapo, I just knew I had found the person I was meant to be with.”

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The groom hit the dance floor for a sentimental dance with his mother and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

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“I accepted Dapo’s proposal because I felt the day I was created and the day he was created, we were stamped to be for each other,” says the bride.

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"I think a lot of people were surprised that we partied so hard," says Memi, who along with her hubby Dapo, hired Djuniverse Lanidas. "We hired a DJ who specializes in young, fun, vibrant wedding music," she says. "We did a lot of research because the DJ is such an important part of a wedding. We had a full consultation with him and kind of created a musical theme for our day."

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“My husband was very involved in the planning process,” Memi says. “I don’t think it’s because he enjoyed it, but rather, he wanted to monitor what I was up to.”

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It's bouquet tossing time!

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After a spectacular wedding weekend, Memi and Dapo headed off for a romantic honeymoon in Aruba. Did you enjoy their big day? Share the love with the newlyweds below. See more photos over at The Brides Cafe. Want to see your wedding featured in Bridal Bliss? Email us now.


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