Bridal Bliss: Melanie and Dwayne's Mississippi Wedding Photos

Melanie moved to a new town to start a new life and on her second day of work, customer Dwayne walked into the bank and made his move. After dating for only a few weeks, he told her she would be his wife. Guess what? He was right! See their southern wedding style and share their love!

Charli Penn Apr, 30, 2014

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"When we met, this man was very consistent in trying to make me a happy woman," says Melanie. "He was a total stranger who became my best friend. I allowed him into my life and into my heart and I was able to share things with him that I had never told anyone, and he never judged me."

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Melanie searched online for months before she found the perfect dress, this gorgeous Vera Wang selection that fit her like a dream.

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"For my accessories I wore pearls, no bling, and my shoes were ivory lace with pink satin outlining,' says the stylish bride. "I wore a birdcage veil and a lace garter with a pink and ivory rose."

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"When I first put the dress on, I immediately felt like I was standing on clouds," says Melanie.

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Melanie's fierce tiered train almost took our breath away. We love a bride who knows her style.

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"It felt like a dream while I was getting ready," Melanie shares. "I was very excited, never nervous and my stomach was full of butterflies too."

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"My bridesmaids all had fans instead of bouquets and a pink rose," says Melanie.

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"Dwayne is not your typical man," says Melanie. "I love this man’s happy spirit."

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"The man I married is what I call a Mr. Fix-It," says Melanie. "He wants everyone to be smiling and happy. He is a very dedicated and committed man. I know that if I ever need words of wisdom or some firm advice, he is the one I can turn to."

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"This woman is my world, and I would not change that for anything," says proud groom Dwayne.

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"My bridesmaids were friends of mine and my sister," says Melanie. "My honorary bridesmaids were my husband's cousins, and my junior bride was my now stepdaughter. My matron of honor was my good friend and she was there from the start of my wedding weekend to the end."

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When it came time to choose a wedding undo, Melanie had a master plan. "I wanted a style that you don’t see many brides with, but at the same time, something that would flow in the wind and not sweat out," she shares.

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"We got married at the Castle Hill Pavilion in Florence, Mississippi," says Melanie. "We'd looked at other venues and decided on a different one before finding out about this one. When we did find out about it and went to look at it, it was like nothing we'd ever imagined. The place fit us just right."

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Who needs wedding programs when you can find out the ceremony order on a fun chalkboard when you enter? Once again, Melanie and Dwayne, we're impressed.

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Melanie's nephew had the special job of letting the couple's guests know it was time to rise for the bride.

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Melanie's son was the ring bearer and he carried a custom ring box designed with the bride and groom in mind.

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"My youngest uncle was the one to walk me down the aisle," says Melanie. "I chose my uncle because he has always supported me in everything I’ve done in my life. He was the one I could turn to as I was growing up."

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Melanie walked down the aisle to the song Gerald Levert "Made to Love You."

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"The day of our wedding, looking into his eyes I knew he was the one for me," says Melanie. "It was like all my dreams had come true, and I had overcome all my fears."

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"Our bishop did not allow us to write our own vows," Melanie shares. "He has special vows that he speaks to everyone at the wedding, which we felt were much needed to be heard. The vows spoke highly of upholding us as a couple and that if you cannot support us, then do not be there to degrade us."

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"I felt like heaven had come down to earth and I was blessed with and angel," says Dwayne.

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The newlyweds lock lips in a romantic kiss to seal the deal.

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"For my bridesmaid dresses I wanted a cool dress," says the bride. "I thought about the season and the month. The dresses came from David’s Bridal. I chose to do a one strap chiffon pink dress. It was short and flowed well with each girls body type."

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"I was on cloud 99 the entire day," says Dwayne. "Just knowing I had this beautiful woman standing here before me and wanting to entrust me with her heart, body and soul was more than enough for me."

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"What I love most about my wife is that she allows me to be me without any hesitation," says Dwayne. "She is a communicator and I love that the most about her."

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"For the cocktail hour, I did a country theme," says the event planner bride. "I had bales of hay and rocking chairs. The rocking chairs were our guest books; each guest signed a rocking chair." And the award for the coolest guestbook idea ever goes to...well, you know the rest!

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Guests had no problem giving Melanie and Dwayne's non-traditional guestbook a try.

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"For the reception décor, I went for a more chic, Parisian theme," says the bride. We love it!

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"I had vintage mannequins and briefcases, Eiffel Towers and pearls," Melanie boasts. "Every table's centerpiece was different. I even had a candy table that was decorated with a picture runway of our engagement photos leading up to the candy."

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There was no shortage of cutie pies to hug and squeeze at Melanie and Dwayne's wedding. We love that they included the children to share the love.

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Melanie and Dwayne chose K-Ci and Jo Jo's "All My Life" for their memorable first dance moment.

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The wedding cake was simple and chic. "I didn’t want many layers and too much décor," Melanie shares.

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Romantic bride Melanie filled her wedding with whimsical details and we adore each and every one of them.

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Both a deejay and a live band kept Melanie and Dwayne's guests on their feet.

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"Our wedding was one of the happiest weddings I have been to in a while," says the bride. "Everyone was smiling and laughing."

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Join us in congratulating Melanie and Dwayne on their romantic "I dos." Don't forget to tell us your favorite part of their story below. Want to see your wedding featured in Bridal Bliss? Email us now.


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