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Although Mary Jane lived in Los Angles and Koby on the other side of the country in Chicago, a Facebook photo brought them together. A year later, Koby couldn’t resist asking her to be his wife. Share their love!

Charli Penn Feb, 13, 2013

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Mary Jane, 34, and Koby, 31, found each other in a rather unlikely way. Mary Jane’s cousin grew up with Koby in Ghana and wound up posting a photo of the two of them together on Facebook. Mary Jane was immediately drawn to the photo because there was just something about Koby. Not afraid to take a chance, Mary Jane sent Koby a friend request. Without knowing who she was, Koby accepted and struck up a conversation. They were meant to be, and it didn’t take them long to realize they’d found everything they need in each other. On September 1st, 2012, they made it official in Los Angeles. See their lovely photos and share their story.

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Mary Jane originally ordered a vintage, high-neck, lace gown for China for her big day, but when it arrived, it wasn’t what she had in mind. With the wedding only a month away, she panicked and went to David’s Bridal to try on as many gowns as she could until she found “The One.” She wound up there alone, so she relied on the “oohs” and “awws” of other brides in the store to help her make her decision.

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The groom gets a little assistance as he puts on his tuxedo and prepares to meet his dream girl at the altar.

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To accessorize, Mary Jane wore her grandmother’s pearl necklace – which was her something old – and she paired with large crystal, drop earrings and a crystal bracelet.

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Mary Jane and Koby chose their nieces as their four adorable little flower girls. Absolutely precious!

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Mary Jane couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she slipped into her wedding gown with a little help from her mom. Now that's what we call glowing!

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“Koby is very family-oriented, and for me that was a huge plus,” says Mary Jane.

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“My shoes were bedazzled beauties from Benjamin Adams,” says Mary Jane. “They were very comfortable!”

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Mary Jane chose just one woman for her bridal party, her twin sister Mary Ann. “Not only is she my twin sister but she is my best friend and role model. She has a great personality and is genuinely a sweetheart.” For Mary Ann’s gown, Mary Jane chose an elegant lilac, strapless chiffon gown by Adrianna Papell for her to wear.

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The bridal party makes their way to the church in style.

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Mary Jane (and her lovely bouquet!) photography beautifully on camera.

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“Koby encompasses everything I need in a man,” says Mary Jane. “He became more to me than my new best friend. Being a twin, to have a man come in between the attachment we have with each other is no easy task. With Koby, it was easy to let go. He was so gentle with me. I felt like a queen.”

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“I knew Koby was the one for me the day we first spoke,” says Mary Jane. “He was everything I prayed for in a man. They always say that you tend to marry someone who is like your father. He reminds me of my father in every way, from the way he talks and loves to his love for numbers and insatiable hunger for knowledge.”

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“He adores me and I adore him,” says the bride, who admits she’s felt nothing but bliss since the day she and Koby struck up a conversation on Facebook.

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“Koby is hard working, loyal, romantic and a dedicated man,” shares Mary Jane. “I love the fact that he is loving, generous and has a beautiful smile.”

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Koby cried as Mary Jane walked down the aisle with her father. “I was in awe when I saw his face,” she admits. “I knew I was about to marry the man of my dreams.”

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“We picked the church because it was gorgeous and breathtaking,” says Mary Jane of the Holman United Methodist Church in Los Angeles where they tied the knot.

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Reverend Gary Bernard Williams officiated the couple’s wedding ceremony, which was planned by wedding coordinator Belinda Addo. Mary Jane says that it was her hard work and dedication that allowed them to just relax and enjoy every minute of their special day.

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During their traditional wedding ceremony, Mary Jane and Koby took communion, shared scriptures and a sermon was given. “They were important parts of our Christian faith and we made sure to include them,” says the bride.

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“The genuine look on Koby’s face was one of pure happiness, and it spoke a thousand words,” says the bride of the moments spent looking into her groom’s eyes at the altar. “There was my handsome husband, waiting to join me in matrimony.”

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“At the altar, I felt like I was in heaven,” says Mary Jane. “Like he was speaking into my heart and no one else existed or mattered.”

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A day before their church ceremony, Mary Jane, who’s Ghanaian-American, and her groom Koby, who’s from Ghana, held a traditional Ghanaian wedding to pay tribute to their rich heritage.

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Mary Jane and Koby exchanged traditional vows then shared unique vows they wrote just for each other. The joy between them is just radiating from these pictures.

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Koby seems anxious to kiss his bride, and who can blame him? Mary Jane looked absolutely beautiful on their wedding day.

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Ladies, say hello to the new Mr. and Mrs. Hughton, who got the party started as soon as they began their walk back down the aisle.

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The newlyweds pose post-ceremony for a gorgeous family portrait. Somebody grab a frame, fast!

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Cutest closeup ever! These two are making sure we feel the love.

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“After a long discussion about whether or not we’d marry in Chicago or Los Angeles, we finally settled on California because of the beautiful weather and the fantastic sights,” explains Mary Jane. One of those sights was the Santa Monica Pier, where they chose to take these fantastic post-wedding portraits.

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"Our photo shoot on the beach and in the streets of Santa Monica were the best," says Mary Jane.

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This has to be one of Koby and Mary Jane's favorite photos because it's certainly one of ours.

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Mary Jane knows Koby will always have her back, but for their fun post-wedding photo shoot on the pier, she chose to hop onto his. We love this shot!

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Koby lends his bride his shoulder as they bask in the beauty and joy of the occasion.

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It's always refreshing to see couples play up the romance for their photos on their big day. You only get one shot at picture perfection – pun intended! – so why not make it count?

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Koby takes Mary Jane's hand in his as they walk happily along the beach. So sweet!

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“I have never felt so loved and am blessed to have met this man,” says Mary Jane. To be sure she got to see his face, as they fell in love, Koby checked in with Mary Jane via video chat as much as he could. It wasn’t easy living in two different states, but through patience and love they made it work.

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“I was definitely not expecting to find love at the time that I did,” insists Mary Jane. “Everything seemed as if it were a dream. I always say that he was heaven sent.”

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“They always say that good things come to those who wait,” says Mary Jane. “I am a true believe in that statement.”

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Traditionally in Ghana, a couple has two first dance songs—one dedicated to the bride from her husband and the other from the groom to his wife. “A Ghanaian artist named Efya, who sang 'Best In Me,' performed my dedication to Koby,” says Mary Jane. “The song he dedicated to me was ‘No One Like You’ by P Squared, a group of twin Nigerian artists.”

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We love the couple’s modern glam reception style. To decorate the tables, florist Lily’s Flower Shop created crystal chandelier vases and trumpet glass vases filled with cool water roses, white hydrangeas, white licentas, purple orchids and Irish bells.

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Wedding cake designer Torrance Bakery designed the couple’s “unbelievably delicious” wedding cake. The gorgeous three-tier dessert delight was filled with red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, banana cake with nuts and a white cake with fresh strawberries.

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The bride swapped out her elegant mermaid-style wedding gown for a short, white party dress so she and her new husband could really enjoy their time on the dance floor.

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After much consideration, instead of having their reception on the beach, Mary Jane and Koby chose the newly renovated Sheraton Delfina Santa Monica as the perfect venue to host their intimate evening.

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The bride’s brother, DJ Alex, worked the turntables for his sister’s big day. We love that so many of Mary Jane and Koby’s friends and family lent their skills and support to help them achieve the wedding of their dreams.

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“In order to save money, we asked family and friends to pitch in,” explains Mary Jane. “We told them what we were looking for and anyone who wanted to help delivered.”

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