Bridal Bliss: Krystal and Jerome

After secretly crushing on Krystal throughout college, Jerome finally made his move the summer after graduation. From college acquaintances to soul mates who overcame long distance love, their story is as sweet as they come. Share their love!

Charli Penn Mar, 27, 2013

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Makeup artist Krystal, 28, and her beau Jerome, 29, first met while attending the University of Southern Mississippi. He had a crush on her for years, but had never said a word. Although they were never close in college, after graduation, Jerome asked her out on Facebook. After hitting it off romantically, they soon began a beautiful long distance relationship. It was the real thing. On their second anniversary, Jerome popped the question after a romantic dinner. They were married on August 25, 2012 in Mississippi. Share their love!

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Krystal's bridesmaids, who look absolutely gorgeous in their gowns, catch up while the bride gets ready to wow her guests in her stunning vintage-inspired gown.

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A custom silk robe was the perfect pick for the beaming bride to wear as she prepared to meet her dream guy at the altar.

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“I knew I wanted a dress with ostrich feathers and I wouldn’t stop until I found one that was affordable,” says Krystal. “When I started my wedding planning, I was living in Miami but wanted to find a dress in Mississippi so I wouldn’t have to worry about shipping it. I searched high and low for the perfect dress and my mom actually saw it in the store before I did. It’s from Allure Bridal Couture.”

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Krystal and Jerome chose yellow, black and white for their vintage glam wedding color palette.

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Krystal, a professional makeup artist, did her own wedding day makeup, and clearly, we can see why. Doesn't she look beautiful?

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Krystal's bridesmaids lend her a helping hand as she puts the finishing touches on her wedding day style.

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Krystal surprised her bridal party with custom wine glasses. So classy! (We love it!)

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Krystal’s ivory peep toe shoes, by Mia, were adorned with a vintage broach to complement her theme.

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“I felt so beautiful and unique in this dress,” says Krystal. “I knew it was the one. Dress shopping wasn’t stressful at all. I got it done in two days while I was visiting my family in Mississippi for Thanksgiving.”

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“My earrings and bracelet were from Charming Charlie,” shares Krystal. “This was another area where I saved money.”

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“The back of my dress was very detailed so I chose not to wear a veil because I didn’t want to take away from the dress,” explains Krystal who purchased her vintage-inspired feather fascinator with crystals on

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A tender mother-daughter moment caught on camera.

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“I wanted an Old Hollywood hairstyle that would complement my face, dress and overall theme,” says Krystal. A team of three fabulous stylists worked together to achieve the winning look.

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“Yellow roses are my favorite flower, so of course I had to use them in my wedding,” Krystal shares. “The bridesmaids carried small yellow rose bouquets with crystal accents and I had a white rose bouquet adorned with rhinestones and crystal accents.” Jackson-based vendor Flowers by Cheryl took care of all the couple’s floral wishes.

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"The thing I love most about Jerome is his charming personality and his thoughtfulness," says southern belle, Krystal. "Sometimes he just automatically knows when I’ve had a bad day and he can instantly make it better just by kissing me on the cheek or giving me a hug when I walk in the door. It’s like he knows exactly what I’m thinking and how to make me happy."

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“I had to ask Jerome where he’d been all my life,” says Krystal. “He was completely different from any other guy that I’ve dated, and I have never fallen for someone so quickly."

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"I realized that Jerome was the one for me after we both read a book by Hill Harper called The Conversation,” says Krystal. “We read this book during our first month of talking on the phone before we were even officially in a relationship. It made us both realize that we shared the same beliefs and values when it came to relationships.”

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“Jerome is a sweet, caring, genuine, chivalrous, funny, God-fearing, thoughtful man that loves me unconditionally,” says Krystal.

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Quick, somebody grab a gorgeous frame, because this portrait of Krystal’s supporting gal pals belongs inside it.

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Jerome picked all-black ensembles for the groomsmen because he wanted them to also wear something flattering for their bodies. The guy’s tuxedos came from Men’s Wearhouse and Jerome’s tuxedo from JoS A. Bank. The groomsmen were going for a very classy, timeless look and they definitely achieved it.

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Krystal’s bridesmaids wore short, sassy gowns from Alfred Angelo. “I gave the girls a choice of three black dresses to choose from and this is what they all liked,” she says. “I wanted to find a short, fun, dress that was flattering for all body types and something that the girls would feel confident wearing. I chose black because it was one of the wedding colors that would really pop with their yellow bouquets. I also wanted them to wear a dress that they could use in the future.”

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Jerome’s groomsman were all smiles at the wedding. Krystal says their friends were surprised to learn they’d connected after college, but were immediately happy for them.

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“I adore him and he adores me,” says Krystal. “He is truly my best friend, and I am lucky to have him as my husband.”

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“I always tell people that true love found me when I stopped looking for it,’ Krystal admits. “I had no intentions of looking for another boyfriend when Jerome and I started dating. It just happened. I will say that I did pray and ask God to send me the right man when it was the right time in my life. I believe that I had to finally realize what I really wanted in a life-long partner. Everything felt so natural and right with Jerome, that’s how I knew it was meant to be.”

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Here come the litle ladies, as guests prepare to rise for the bride.

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Krystal entered the church to the sounds of Babyface’s “You Are So Beautiful.” She says, “My dad walked me down the aisle. I had to keep whispering, ‘chill out, you’re gonna make me cry!’ He was so nervous and emotional.”

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"Our wedding was a traditional, indoor church wedding with traditional vows," Krystal explains. "I grew up in a Baptist church in Mississippi, so I knew I wanted a traditional wedding."

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Krystal's uncle, Rev. Jesse Horton, Sr., had the honor of officiating their ceremony. "He also did our pre-marital counseling and he really made us feel at ease and comfortable while talking to him," she says. "He is a well-respected pastor in my family and the community. I have always wanted him to perform my wedding ceremony. I'm so glad Jerome was able to connect to him as well."

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"I know this will sound cheesy, but I honestly felt like I was marrying my prince charming," admits Krystal. "I always joke about finally getting my fairytale, but that's how I felt when I was saying my vows and looking into his beautiful, hazel eyes. All I could think was, finally, I have the man of my dreams."

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“My mom wanted us to do the unity candle, but we decided to do the sand ceremony instead,” says Krystal. “I chose the sand ceremony because I wanted something tangible and significant to keep from the ceremony.”

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The newlyweds seal the deal with a passionate pucker.

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For their first dance, Jerome chose Musiq Soulchild’s “So Beautiful.” “He picked this song because he said it made him think of me and how he felt when we first started dating.”

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Thirty-three guest tables were decorated with beautiful, bright yellow roseball centerpieces and amber uplighting. A dazzling lighted backdrop behind the wedding party table and gorgeous black and white checkered dance floor really set the mood for "vintage love" in the couple’s reception space.

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“Our wedding reception was basically a big party,” insists Krystal. “It started at 6pm and was for adults only. It was indoors at a community center that I decorated with help from my mom, my wedding planner, family members and the bridal party.”

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“Thanks to my amazing wedding planner, absolutely nothing went wrong on my wedding day,” Krystal says. “Not one thing. If something happened, no one told me. I was actually shocked that everything went so smoothly.”

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In lieu of wedding favors, the newlyweds chose to have a candy bar at their reception because of the size of their guest list. Guests were able to fill a treat bag with 10 assorted candies from this yummy-looking table.

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"Having so many of our friends from South Florida travel to Mississippi for our wedding was so memorable," says the bride. "It really made us feel special. Some of them drove 15 hours."

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Krystal and Jerome hired Shenika Mays of Vogue Weddings to help them pull of their dream vintage wedding in style. "My wedding planner kept everything running smoothly," she tells us. "Guests danced the night away, and we had the opportunity to relax and have a good time."

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"One of my favorite memories was taking off my flats at the reception to do the Wobble because they were a gift and they were a size too small," says Krystal. "I never take my shoes off to dance, so everyone thought it was really funny."

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Mr. and Mrs. Beaman honeymooned at the Secrets Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Wasn’t their vintage-inspired wedding a hit? If you love it as much as we do, leave the newlyweds a little comment love below. Want to see your wedding featured in Bridal Bliss? Email us now!


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