Bridal Bliss: Kenetria and Chris

Bridal Bliss: Kenetria and Chris
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 13, 2010

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Makeup artist Chnelle Sangster created smokey eyes for Kenetria’s wedding look. Hairstylists Rhondallyn Patterson and Tiffany Mitchell created gorgeous romantic curls.

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As she got ready to head down the aisle, Kenetria read a sweet note from her soon to be husband. “I couldn’t be more grateful that God put you in my life,” he wrote.

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Kenetria found her Reem Acra wedding gown at Nitsas Apparel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Due to time constraints she had to buy it right off the rack. Lucky for her it was the perfect fit.

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The sweetheart cut bodice and belt give Kenetria’s gown a modern princess feel.

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Before walking down the aisle, Kenetria and her family share a prayer, thanking God for the special day.

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Chris and his best man take some time to chill out and share some laughs before walking down the aisle.

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“Chris has the biggest heart of anyone I know, aside from my mother,” Kenetria says of why she fell in love with him. “Plus he’s not the stereotypical athlete. He’s a very humble guy.”

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Two white orchids added an extra touch of tropical elegance to Chris’ wedding day look.

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Kenetria made sure her fleet glistened in a pair of Jimmy Choo heels.

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Kenetria chose white roses and calla lilies for her bridal bouquet.

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“She wants to save the world and she wants to help everybody and I love that about her,” Chris says of his new wife.

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Since their destination wedding was intimate, with 50 guests, Kenetria and Chris chose one bridesmaid, Kenetria’s twin sister, and one groomsman for their wedding party. The bridesmaid’s dress was designed by A.B.S. Allen B. Schwartz.

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Chris confesses that he looked away a few times when Kenetria was walking down the aisle. “She was so beautiful. I thought, I can’t keep looking or I’ll get emotional. I kept turning my head,” Chris says.

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“I was fixed on Chris,” Kenetria remembers of standing in front of her man.

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Kenetria’s engagement band features 5 and 1/2 carats of diamonds with a mounted princess cut center stone. Her wedding ring was made to fit the engagement ring and adds another 2 carats.

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Kenetria and Chris share their first of many, many kisses as husband and wife.

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Chris and Kenetria poured lavender and azure sand together to blend their eternal love.

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“After the ceremony, I was like, ’OK, now I can breathe,” Kenetria remembers.

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Kenetria and Chris’ families are now and forever joined. We love to see Black love from one generation to another.

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Kenetria says when she started her friendship with Chris, she wasn’t looking for a relationship and she definitely didn’t want to date an athlete. Now she can’t imagine her life without him.

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“She wasn’t like any woman that I had ever dated,” Chris says. “She didn’t want anything from me but me.”

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“He’s a hopeless romantic,” Kenetria says of her new hubby. “He used to send me flowers at my office every other week. He would send me little notes. When we were apart we would do countdowns before we would get to see each other.”

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Kenetria and Chris are both twins. They’re hoping to have a set of twins of their own. “It would be perfect if it were a boy and a girl,” Kenetria wishes.

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For their first dance, Kenetria and Chris danced to their song, “The Point of it All,” by Anthony Hamilton.

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Kenetria and Chris’ three-tiered wedding cake was classic — vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

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Chris searches for Kenetria’s garter belt and his bride giggles.

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At the end of the night, everyone shared a toast to the newlyweds.

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“I’ve had great role models in my parents,” Chris says. “I’m looking forward to having a relationship like that and having a companion that I can grow old with.”

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“I’m looking forward to just loving him forever,” Kenetria says.


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