Bridal Bliss: Kemi and Grant

Bridal Bliss: Kemi and Grant
ESSENCE.COM May, 31, 2011

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Chicago couple Kemi and Grant met while accompanying their friends on a blind date. Little did they know it was their love that would flourish. After seven years of bliss, the two tied the knot on October 16, 2010.

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Kemi topped her romantic wedding-day curls with a tiara, fit for a queen.

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Kemi keeps a jewelry box to remind her of her special day with Grant.

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A beautiful red rose represents the love that Grant and Kemi feel for each other.

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Kemi’s florist Divine Design and Events brought together the couple’s earth-toned color scheme for a beautiful bouquet of deep reds, pinks and oranges.

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“My dad was really excited,” Kemi says. “I’m the youngest and his only girl so he was very emotional. He was just beaming from ear to ear.”

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Kemi found her wedding gown while looking for bridesmaids dresses. “Once I put it on, that was it,” she gushes. “I kept saying, ‘I love it. I love it!’”

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“He was so handsome,” Kemi remembers of seeing Grant on their wedding day. “He was just beaming from ear to ear!”

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Kemi chose an earthy, rusted red tone for her bridesmaids dresses that complimented all of her ladies’ complexions.

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Grant and his groomsmen looked like the dashing gentlemen that they are in their three-piece suits.

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Walking down the aisle Kemis’ father tried to keep her calm. “He was giving me words of wisdom, saying ’Don’t cry. Be strong.’ It made me feel even more emotional,” Kemi says. “It was a really sweet feeling.”

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“When I saw him face to face, he said he loved me and I said ‘I love you back,’” Kemi giggles. “He was just so handsome and so cute.”

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Kemi and Grant didn’t hold back when the time came for them to seal their love with a smooch.

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The happy husband and wife were bursting with happiness as friends cheered.

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“He gets me,” Kemi says. “If it’s just us at home we can sit on the couch and just laugh and have fun. We always have a good time together.”

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“I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who is genuinely as nice as he is,” Kemi says of Grant. “You can tell his mom raised him right.”

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“She was really down to earth and really kindhearted,” Grant says of why he fell for Kemi. “There was something about her that set her apart from every body else that I’d dated.”

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“It was just overwhelming,” Grant says of seeing Kemi on their wedding day. “I really had to fight to hold the tears back. It was just breathtaking.”

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Kemi and Grant gave guests boxes filled with chocolate Hershey’s Kisses as party favors.

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The couple’s three tiered vanilla wedding cake with strawberry filling was designed by Leeson’s Cakes in Chicago.

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Kemi and Grant felt like the only people in the room as they danced to Jeffree’s “Love’s Gonna Last.”

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After seven years, Kemi and Grant remain enchanted by each other.

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Grant’s mother was overwhelmed as she danced with her son to Boyz II Men’s “Mama.”

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Kemi’s father is from Nigeria. The newlyweds joined the bride’s family for a photo opportunity in traditional Nigerian attire.

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Kemi couldn’t stop giggling as grant searched for her wedding garter.

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“After our wedding anniversary we’re going to start our new chapter of starting a family,” Kemi tells us.

“I’m looking forward to having some little Moodys running around,” Grant adds.


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